Grounding & Healing Tools for the Electrosensitive

Returning Home Giclee Print
  • Returning Home Giclee Print
  • Returning Home Giclee Print
  • Returning Home Giclee Print
  • Returning Home Giclee Print

     I painted this painting to show the comfort and joy that awaits us as we re-enter the non-physical world. 

     If you've ever had a dear loved one pass away, this is the journey they took. Re-emerging into *all that we are* feels like an expansive freedom... a deep refreshing breath... a reuniting with all that we truly are and all that we have been.

    Dropping our *earth suits* we experience the lightness and freedom of being pure positive soul energy. 

     My daughter once told me she gets this feeling when she is swimming... holding her breath so long and swimming up to the surface, that first breath is absolutely delicious.   She is right. That is exactly what it is.

    See all of the souls that greet us, watch over us, delight in our return? They are all around us, all around your loved ones, guiding the way.   After we come up into the non-physical, we are part of the lightness and joy of a loving Eternal.


     I have Giclee prints of this artwork available on both archival quality velvet smooth heavyweight paper or canvas. 


     The original painting has sold. 


   These fine art prints are professionally printed using 200+ archival quality inks in a Giclee printing process... prints are signed and canvases are gallery wrapped, ready to hang... please allow two weeks for your Giclee canvas or paper print to be custom created and ready to ship directly to you. 


   The watermark does not appear on the artwork. 


    xoxo, Laura

is currently backordered. You may still purchase it now and I will ship it to you immediately after it becomes available again.