Grounding and Shielding Tools For the Electrosensitive & EHS

Savings Bundle Pack, Top 7 eBooks
  • Savings Bundle Pack, Top 7 eBooks

     All seven of my most popular health topics... the questions I get asked again and again by patients, in one instantly downloadable eBook grouping.

    I wanted to create a way for patients to have immediate access to some of their most pressing issues, while they are waiting for space to open up in my private consultations and programs.

    I also wanted an easy, fast, and fun way for new patients who would like to check out my holistic view on health to determine if I was the right medical practitioner to meet their specific needs.


    So here it is, not only all packaged up together for instant gratification but at over a 40% discount!


You get:


  • Skin Happiness: organic skin care, anti-aging, and vibrancy boosting ebook
  • Gentle Restart Detox Program: a five day detox guidebook... gentle enough for anyone who wants a fresh start
  • Stepping Into Power:  female health ebook, your guide to navigating everything female from first menarche to menopause
  • Heart Centered Parenting Idea Book:  full of fun, positive, joyful ways to help empower and heal your own child
  • Chakra Healing Kit:  the inside information, directly from my medical practice, on how chakra balance impacts your health
    • Earthing Idea Book:  10 minutes a day + 10 days = head-to-toe healing!
    • Health Flow Unleash Idea Book:  the ultimate holistic life book, work book, idea book and healing manual all rolled into one!



           All at a 40% discount, waiting for you right now.  Heal head-to-toe, inside and out, I'll help you understand how to get into the natural healing flow that we are all meant to live in... with these information packed books, written in a heart centered and easy to read format!  From my heart to yours...


      xoxo, Laura



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