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Grounding Monthly Tracker Notepad
  • Grounding Monthly Tracker Notepad

This is a wonderful grounding tracker that will allow you to see in one glance how much time you spent grounding each month.  

I highly encourage you to spend a minute each day tracking your grounding progress.

Grounding can be instantly relieving and immediately boost your mood and health, but it also can make measurable changes over time in a more subtle way, helping shift chronic issues like insomnia, chronic pain, weight loss, metabolic boost, increased energy levels, increased creativity and more.  

So to stick with incorporating grounding into your lifestyle, instead of a passing phase, I have my patients track their time grounding.

This convenient notepad allows you to track one month of grounding per sheet, and with 75 sheets to a pad, this can track your time spent grounding for the next 6 years!  

Think of how much better you can feel by then by adopting a grounding lifestyle, where getting time to ground each day is as important as drinking water, brushing your teeth, and other daily habits that are now an effortless part of your health care routine.

Notepad is full color, 5 x7 inches and includes 75 pages.  Easy tear off pages bound at the top of the pad allows you to always look forward to a fresh month of grounding.

This notepad helps you track a monthly rhythm of grounding, I also have other awesome grounding trackers including a weekly tracker and a daily tracker, find those here:

Weekly Grounding Tracker Dry Erase Board

Daily Grounding Tracker Post It Notes

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