Grounding & Healing Tools For the Electrosensitive

Organic Cotton & Hemp Grounding Mattress Panel
  • Organic Cotton & Hemp Grounding Mattress Panel
  • Organic Cotton & Hemp Grounding Mattress Panel
  • Organic Cotton & Hemp Grounding Mattress Panel
  • Organic Cotton & Hemp Grounding Mattress Panel
  • Organic Cotton & Hemp Grounding Mattress Panel
  • Organic Cotton & Hemp Grounding Mattress Panel
  • Organic Cotton & Hemp Grounding Mattress Panel
  • Organic Cotton & Hemp Grounding Mattress Panel
  • Organic Cotton & Hemp Grounding Mattress Panel
  • Organic Cotton & Hemp Grounding Mattress Panel
  • Organic Cotton & Hemp Grounding Mattress Panel
  • Organic Cotton & Hemp Grounding Mattress Panel
  • Organic Cotton & Hemp Grounding Mattress Panel
  • Organic Cotton & Hemp Grounding Mattress Panel


This grounding mattress panel is literally the most effective grounding tool on earth,  and here's why:

Hand made in the USA of the highest quality surgical grade stainless steel mesh, for longevity surpassed by none -- this is a grounding tool that is hand-me-down worthy lasting wash after wash after wash with no loss of conductivity, made from organic hemp and organic cotton and ethically and locally crafted by hand.  

Other grounding products on the market are mass produced in China using the cheapest possible materials and bulk replicated for resale without ever being touched or inspected by hand by the company who makes it.  My products are made to order, personally inspected by me, and shipped directly from my hands to yours.

Inferior bulk manufactured products made over seas from silver fibers  break and erode easily in the wash.  With other grounding products, one wash in non-distilled water is enough to make it stop working.  Not so with our mattress panels.   Stainless steel can be washed for decades with no loss of conductivity and no deterioration, which is why it is the material of choice used in hospitals world wide for reliability and durability.

Other companies have a carbon "leatherette" (a fancy word for synthetic plastic) that feels heavy and hot and doesn't allow skin to breathe.  I hear constantly from patients and customers that tried the leatherette and ended up tossing it in the trash because it was too hot and plastic to sleep on top of in bed.

I don't want any grounding tools I carry to wind up being tossed. 

I want my grounding tools used for years and years so my patients heal!

I want my patients connected and grounding, night after night, wash after wash.  

In addition, by using an alligator clip for the connector (instead of a snap) there is infinite connection potential to the entire perimeter of the panel, not dependent on one snap point (a common complaint I hear with other grounding products is that once the snap breaks, the entire item is useless... this is never ever an issue with this Grounding Mattress Panel!) 

On top of that, for the ultimate in safety and security, I have added a built in 100k Ohm resistor, so that in the unlikely event of a lightening strike or other surge, your mattress panel automatically completely disconnects and there is absolutely no current traveling to the mattress panel.  Only the healing, grounding flow of well being from Mother Earth. 

Available in four cord options, simply choose from drop down menu below:

- standard ground cord
- standard ground stake
- PureGround EMF filtering cord
- PureGround EMF filtering ground stake



  • 7" highly conductive panel of surgical grade stainless steel conductive fibers utilizing two different grounding fabrics: 3.5 inches of strong stainless steel metal mesh in the center and 3.5 inches on each side made from softer, but still fully conductive, stainless steel fabric... to provide extra softness along edge of mesh as well as a second pathway of conductivity -- this panel won't lose conductivity even if a hole is punctured right through it!
  • organic hemp/organic cotton base
  • full panel is approximately 6 ft long x 14 inches wide (long enough to lay across a king sized bed)
  • hand sewn just for you right here in the USA
  • cords manufactured in USA as well
  • can go under a fitted sheet, strong enough to potentially ground right through natural fabrics like cotton and silk
  • physician developed and tested
  • select either indoor or outdoor grounding  cord options to fit your needs
  • all cords include a built in 100K Ohm resistor for added peace of mind and safety

Want to protect your grounding mattress panel with a conductive, machine washable cover?

That's a good idea!  Protect your mattress panel for a long lifetime of use with a conductive fabric mattress panel cover (sort of like a pillow case for your pillow!) that you can machine wash and dry over and over and over again while protecting the lifetime of your mattress panel.  

If you find the mattress panel to be too textured for comfortable direct skin contact, or if you just want to have a washable cover that is super easy to throw into your laundry machine, this is your solution.  Simply hop over here to add a mattress panel cover to your order. 

Are you electrosensitive?

You may wish to upgrade to a PureGround filter cord that filters out dirty electricity from traveling up the cord to the grounding tool, and shields the cord from ambient EMFs in the environment as well.   For more information on the PureGround EMF filtering cord, click over here.  

Want to test the grounding power of these mattress panels for yourself?

I personally test these by hand using a grounding test meter before I ship them to you, so I know they work.  But if you want to test yourself or double check other grounding items purchased from other websites, I highly recommend adding on a grounding tester.  Using this grounding test meter you can see if other grounding products you may have are still actually grounding you (if they were made with silver or in a factory overseas, you definitely want to double check that they actually work!) Grounding tester allows you to know for sure you are grounded and you can test your sheet's conductivity and your pajamas conductivity too! 

Care:  Hand or machine wash as needed with mild detergent, no bleach, no fabric softener.  Air dry or tumble dry on low heat.  Can iron on low setting if desired.

To your vibrant, natural health!

xoxo, Laura 

 **Please note, to maintain strict hygiene standards I can not accept returns on personal health care items, including this grounding panel**

***Please allow 2 weeks for your mattress panel to be custom sewn in the USA just for you!  


Customer Feedback:

"This grounding sleep system is awesome!!  Such impeccable quality.  And the results are nothing less than miraculous.  I've been grounding outdoors for many years but never had such amazing results as I have sleeping grounded all night.  If I'd known how much more potent grounding is during sleep, I'd have bought a sleep system years ago.  I sleep so well, so deeply, and wake up with so much more energy than before."  - W S.

"I wanted to let you know how it is going with the grounding panel, omg unbelievable, I haven't slept a full night in 25 first night on it I sept sound, I feel so refreshed and ready to go even on Mondays, when I am always down because it's the start a new work week... but I haven't had one bad Monday though! One ache that plagued me painful has really disappeared, just unreal, I am reborn and a happier person!"  - C.S.

"I knew there was something to grounding, but my  husband was very skeptical - we had tried the silver sheet (from without noticing much difference and it quickly stopped working.  When I received your sheet, I set it up lengthwise on my side of the bed and slept directly on it - I'm almost 60y and  haven't sleep this good or felt better in my life!!!  I really can't believe the difference!  I am feeling such bliss I want the whole thing touching my body!"  - C.Z.

"I am using your grounding mattress panel and have gotten amazing deep sleep for weeks.  My daughter accidentally kicked the outlet connection out, and immediately I am no longer sleeping through the night and am in searing pain.  I am so glad to get grounded again at night!"  - S.F.

"Since grounding with your system I have been sleeping through the night for the first time in over 15 years!  The convulsions that I have when waking from sleep have all dissipated.  This is not a placebo effect.  I have had a neurological disorder since suffering from a major TBI.  Everything has been tried to lessen the constant painful muscle contractions.  Grounding is the most immediate and measurable improvement I have experienced from any other treatment.  I have had $30,000 botulism toxin injections, $25,000 IVIG infusions, and this grounding system has proven to have the greatest benefit and there does not seem to be a diminishing effect using the system over time.  It has been nearly a month now, and I am experiencing the same benefit now, as I did on day 1 of using the grounding system.  I am happy to have been granted the gift of such a simple and effective way to health."  - P.G.

"I have had Chronic Pain for more than 15 years, that was almost unbearable whole body pain on a daily basis.  Since my wife and I have been sleeping grounded for the last 4 months, I have been getting a much deeper sleep, before I was sleeping on average 5 hours per night of light sleep, and sometime no sleep at all.  Now I am sleeping at least 7 hours of deep sleep a night!  My pain has gone from almost unbearable to being very little-to-no pain.  I feel as though i have my life back, and am getting more energy, and more strength with every passing day.  I look forward to the day rather than dread it.  I had a few grounding pads from other stores but your stainless steel bed mat is superior quality!  It should be the #1 go to for every human on the planet for every ailment PERIOD!!!!!"   -G.W.

"I received my grounding panel a few days ago. It looked so luxurious!  And the first night I used the panel, my knee pain completely disappeared. That was such a nice surprise!  I've been having really restful sleeps too.  I'm so glad I invested in this self-care item."  -C.D.

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