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Grounding Mattress Panel Cover: machine washable and protective
  • Grounding Mattress Panel Cover: machine washable and protective

Protect your grounding mattress panel for a long lifetime of use with this conductive fabric mattress panel cover.  

Made 100% out of stainless steel fabric, you can machine wash it over and over and over again, with zero loss of conductivity.  Conductive panel measures 15 inches across and 6 ft 5 inches in length -- the exact same size as your grounded mattress panel, so you can slip it right in, just like a pillow case!

I chose superior, medical grade stainless steel fabric for breathablitily and comfort at night (conductive plastic or "leatherette" that is hot and stick... uh, no thanks!) and you never have to worry that repeated washing or skin oils or skin care products will degrade conductivity over time (silver fibers can literally be destroyed and stop grounding you after one single wash in the machine or one night with skin oils and products degrading the silver fibers.)  

With stainless steel fabric, you can wash and re-wash this cover for years and it will be as highly conductive and grounding as the day you bought it.  

On top of that, using a cover will keep your mattress panel (with it's powerful pure stainless steel stripe) flat, wrinkle free, and comfortably removed from direct contact.  

If you find the mattress panel to be too textured for comfortable direct skin contact, or if you just want to have a washable cover that is super easy to throw into your laundry machine, this is your solution.  

Protect your grounding investment with a conductive washable cover and let the healing begin!  

Click over here to add a grounding mattress panel insert to use inside your conductive case!

xoxoxo, Laura

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