Grounding and Shielding Tools For the Electrosensitive & EHS

Open Toe Footwear: Protect & Ground Simultaneously
  • Open Toe Footwear: Protect & Ground Simultaneously
  • Open Toe Footwear: Protect & Ground Simultaneously
  • Open Toe Footwear: Protect & Ground Simultaneously

Ground while walking on sidewalks, on the earth, and even indoors with feet resting on grounding mats with these open toed foot coverings.  Perfect for a light layer of protection for those that don't want to go completely barefoot, as the areas of the foot that strike down first when you step (the heel and the ball of the foot) have a layer of synthetic fabric covering them, but toes are out an able to fully ground your entire body in an instant.

These are exceptionally lightweight and easy to travel with -- keep a pair in your purse, glove compartment, suitcase, or even your pocket, that's how small they are.

If you are hesitant to walk completely barefoot because of the litter, pesticides, ant mounds, sharp rocks, gravel, hot sidewalks, etc that await you, these are the perfect solution.

They also allow you to slip in and out of stores more easily than being fully barefoot.   Stay grounded while still respecting "no shoes, no service" signs and you go about your day.  At quick glance, you are wearing shoes, but your toes are freely available to touch all grounded surfaces so you can ground wherever you go.  

Although these toeless foot coverings are more protective than socks (and also look more like legitimate sandals than socks do when out and about) these are very thin and will not protect feet when more rugged soles are required.  Made from neoprene and featuring non-slip bottoms, these will not stand up to long term use on abrasive surfaces -- they will wear and tear with use, so order several pairs so you always have a replacement as they wear over time.  Or simply use indoors only.  I love wearing my to my barre and pilates and yoga classes!


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**please note I can not accept returns on opened or used personal care items such as these toeless foot covers!***

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