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Conductive Socks: Tall Crew Grounding Sock
  • Conductive Socks: Tall Crew Grounding Sock

Want some lightweight socks to keep on while you sleep grounded at night?  

Want a thin dress sock that you can wear to work with your grounding shoe strap?

You absolutely can with these lightweight conductive socks -- the instant they touch a grounded surface, the entire sock becomes powerfully grounded and encases your feet in a cocoon of grounding energy.

These lightweight crew socks instantly become grounded and grounds your entire body when:

  • standing on a grounded surface like outside (yes!  You can keep your feet all warm inside your socks and still touch the earth... the entire sock is conductive and will transmit the earth's healing energy right on through!
  • sleeping on a grounded mattress panel (yes, with these socks you can slip them on to keep your feet warm and still sleep right on top of your grounding mattress panel with no interference -- in fact, the socks will help insure your are grounded by encasing your entire foot in a grounding fabric!
  • or when used with grounding footware such as Pluggz earthing shoes, Raum earthing shoes, or leather moccasins that all allow grounding straight through the sole of the shoe.

This way, you can have the warmth and comfort of keeping socks on but not block the grounding flow of healing from your mattress panel, or the earth outdoors, or from your favorite grounding shoes.   


  • soft, groundable fabric is made from: 60% polypropylene, 20% nylon, 19% silver coated nylon, 1% spandex
  • hand or machine washable (no bleach)

    • comes in unisex sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large
    • made in the USA
    Women's 4 - 6.5
    Men's 6 - 8.5,  Women's 7 - 9.5
    Men's 9 - 11.5,  Women's 10 - 12.5
    Men's 12 - 14.5


    Grab some extra pairs of socks so that you always have a fresh pair waiting for you when you want to head outside or to slip on before bed! 

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    xoxoxo, Laura


    ***Please note:  To maintain strict medical hygiene standards, I can not accept refunds on used personal care items, including these grounding socks***


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