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Grounding Cuff: Beautiful And Healing
  • Grounding Cuff: Beautiful And Healing
  • Grounding Cuff: Beautiful And Healing
  • Grounding Cuff: Beautiful And Healing
  • Grounding Cuff: Beautiful And Healing
  • Grounding Cuff: Beautiful And Healing
  • Grounding Cuff: Beautiful And Healing
  • Grounding Cuff: Beautiful And Healing
  • Grounding Cuff: Beautiful And Healing

Finally you can ground and look gorgeous too!  So pretty, you just might want to wear your stainless steel cuff even when you can't clip the grounding cord to it!

This soft and adjustable medical grade stainless steel cuff is the perfect grounding gift, either for yourself or your loved ones, because you don't have to worry about fit.  With a cuff, you simply slide it on any sized wrist (from XS to XXXL!) and adjust to fit.

Medical grade stainless steel means this cuff won't rust, discolor, or decrease in conductivity over time.  Get it sweaty, get it wet, stainless steel will last and last (and last!) grounding you for many years to come.

Simply clip the grounding cord directly to your cuff with the heavy duty alligator clip, and you know you are grounded.  Secures better than wrist bands with snaps that snap off when you move or use your hands.   

Grounding Cuff Kits include:

  • Medical grade stainless steel grounding plate that won't rust, corrode, or lose conductivity if you wear lotion or sweat or wash it repeatedly.  
  • Alligator clip directly clips onto the stainless steel cuff
  • Choose a 10 ft indoor grounding cord with an indoor outlet checker or a 30 ft grounding cord with ground stake 
  • Both cord styles have a built in 100k Ohm resistor as an additional safety feature
    • Hand made in the USA by local artists
    • All packaged up in a reusable tote, for easy travel!



    Beautiful and fashionable enough to wear anywhere... powerful enough for head-to-toe health benefits.

    xoxoxo, Laura


    Want to host a grounding party?  

    Grab a Party Pack, which features two grounding cuffs and includes a *free* DVD!  

    Watch The Grounded with your loved ones while you ground, and feel the positive immediate effects of grounding while you watch a film explaining the science behind the phenomenon!  

    A movie night unlike any other, one where the viewers leave feeling healthier than when they arrived.  And each movie goer can each keep and use their grounding cuff forever to keep the grounding flow coming for years and years and years of healing support! 


    Are you electrosensitive?

    You may wish to upgrade to a PureGround filter cord that filters out dirty electricity from traveling up the cord to the grounding tool, and shields the cord from ambient EMFs in the environment as well.  


    Just click over here to upgrade the included standard ground cord the PureGround EMF filter & shielding cord at special reduced pricing!


    Looking for a softer, sporty band that buckles into place?  

    Check out my Hypoallergenic Silicone Grounding Wrist Band here!


    ***Please note:  To maintain strict medical hygiene standards, I can not accept refunds on used personal care items, including this grounding wrist strap**


    "I want to tell how well my 91 yr old mother who lives in her own home is doing after using the grounding wrist strap for approximately 3 wks.  She is sleeping well, has much more energy, is more alert and is doing more things in a day than she has for a long time.   

    In the past if she went out and did things for a few hours, she would be resting and/or sleeping for a couple of days.  I was really wondering if she was going to leave soon. 

    Now she is a different person and says she just feels well.  This is amazing to watch and the only thing different she has done is to use the grounding wrist unit.  I am so happy with her results and I wanted to share them with you."    

    - P.R.


    "Just wanted to let you know the grounding system works.  It's really quite amazing.  Since grounding I have been sleeping through the night for the first time in over 15 years!  This is not a placebo effect.  I have had a neurological disorder since suffering from a major TBI.  Everything has been tried to lessen the constant painful muscle contractions.  Grounding is the most immediate and measurable improvement I have experienced from any other treatment.  I have had $30,000 botulism toxin injections, $25,000 IVIG infusions, and this $60 grounding system has proven to have the greatest benefit.  It has been nearly a month now, and I am experiencing the same benefit now, as I did on day 1 of using the grounding system. 

    I have an electrical engineering background.  It makes sense.  If there is not connection to ground, there is not flow to the current.  In a closed electrical system, a static effect results and causes short circuits.  Every electrical system I have designed, always has a ground.  It allows for shielding of the electrical system from static and accumulation of stray electrons.  It must be dissipated.   The body and brain, being an electro chemical machine, also need this same grounding effect to avoid system damage. 

    I can't believe I didn't think of this idea.  However, I am happy to have been granted the gift of such a simple and effective way to health.  Thank you so much Laura.  I truly believe that you sincerely care about people's health.  You are here to help.  Thank you for sharing you interest in improving peoples lives."

    - P.G.

    is currently backordered. You may still purchase it now and I will ship it to you immediately after it becomes available again.