Grounding & Healing Tools For the Electrosensitive

Full Coverage Premium Shoe Grounders
  • Full Coverage Premium Shoe Grounders
  • Full Coverage Premium Shoe Grounders
  • Full Coverage Premium Shoe Grounders
  • Full Coverage Premium Shoe Grounders
  • Full Coverage Premium Shoe Grounders
  • Full Coverage Premium Shoe Grounders
  • Full Coverage Premium Shoe Grounders

I love grounding shoe stickers but there are times when you don't want a sticker applied to your shoe, or you want to use the same shoe grounder on multiple sets of shoes, or you have a work boot or other taller style shoe that a grounding shoe sticker would not work with.

Here is your solution.  Works with any shoe you already own.  Just slip on the shoe grounder onto your shoe and tighten across the top to secure, then run the blue ribbon into the bed of your shoe or even tuck it into your sock.  Now you are conducting the grounding energy from the earth beneath you up and around your shoe, as if you bypassed the rubber sole entirely and are standing barefoot on the ground.  Intended for outdoor use on conductive earth surfaces outside or while standing on grounding mats and other grounding tools inside.

There are other, inferior shoe grounders on the market that only ground the heel of the shoe or only the ball of the shoe, but I purposefully selected made in the USA shoe grounders that ground full coverage of both feet, that means there is no broken contact and no time spent ungrounded.  If you are only grounding the heel or the ball of the foot, or only one shoe, then more than half of the time you think you are outside grounded as you walk around, you are not.  With these shoe grounders, there is no guess -- your entire shoe is making grounded contact no matter where you are in your stride and no matter which foot is on the ground.  

Perfect for use during outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, running, jogging, tai chi, yoga, playing outdoor sports, strength training and more, as grounding enhances recovery after intensive exercise and decreases wear and tear on the body.

Grounding has been shown to:

  • decreased lactic acid levels
  • significantly lower creatinine kinase levels
  • decreased levels of fatigue
  • improved athletic movement and countermovement 
  • result in faster recovery and less pronounced markers of muscle damage and inflammation


  • three layers of non-marring rubber 
  • reusable and replaceable conductive carbon ribbon that runs inside of the shoe to your foot, replacement ribbons available
  • contact points in both heel and ball of foot to maintain continuous grounding 
  • sold in a pair of two shoe grounders
  • available in two styles: yellow or black 
  • available it two sizes to fit most shoes
  • made in the USA

 Available in two sizes:

Small/Medium: fits Men's shoe size 6 - 9  & Women's size 6 - 10

Large/XL: fits Men's shoe size 10 - 14 & Women's size 11 - 15

xoxox, Laura Koniver MD

PS -- want some conductive grounding socks to wear along with your shoe grounder, so that you can ground right through your socks too?  

Check out these awesome conductive, grounding sock options:

is currently backordered. You may still purchase it now and I will ship it to you immediately after it becomes available again.