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Private Intuitive Consultations -- Let's Work Together Today!
  • Private Intuitive Consultations -- Let's Work Together Today!
  • Private Intuitive Consultations -- Let's Work Together Today!
  • Private Intuitive Consultations -- Let's Work Together Today!

I'm Laura Koniver, M.D... the Intuition Physician.


As a physician I refuse to see a patient as anything less then a unique soul with a lifetime of experiences that serve a specific and meaningful purpose. 

I believe that intuitive information combined with medical knowledge is more powerful then either standing alone.     

Let me help you find the relief of seeing the depth and meaning of your health journey from both a medical perspective and an intuitive one, giving you deeper answers then you could ever get from either side alone.  

I can work with you in a few different ways:


Online Classes:

Having a private consultation in conjunction with the support of an online health class can help us target a specific issue and often go much deeper than just a single consultation alone.

Each of my classes has the option to add on an intuitive consultation one-on-one together at the end of the class or private email consultations throughout the entire course... and many of my classes also include live Q&A phone calls as well as private email support throughout the classes as well!

Click over here to look at the upcoming health classes I have scheduled!



Phone Consultations:

If you simply want a private phone consultation to get an intuitive second opinion for the health issue you are facing, then I'm here to help.  Let's get you scheduled!

Private live phone consultations are exclusively for participants that reside in North America.  Initial phone consultations are 45 minutes long, and follow up appointments are 30 minutes long.

If you are already a current patient who needs a follow up appointment, you can add on an Established Patient Consultation at any time -- just select this option from the drop down box below!


   ***By signing up for a private consultation or enrolling in any of my health classes you acknowledge that my classes and private consultations do not substitute for care from your in-person physician. I do not become your personal physician, I offer second opinions and holistic options for you to discuss with your primary care physician. I do not write prescriptions for patients who work with me via intuitive phone consultations.  

I am your health care advocate, totally and completely on your side to offer support for your healing journey, and will gladly view your health issues through an intuitive and holistic lens and discuss this perspective with you.  My goal is to support and empower you on your journey to health freedom by giving you a fresh perspective and uplifting health suggestions... not to become your primary physician.***


Let's figure out the messages your body is sending you... it is speaking to you through your symptoms, and I am here to help.  

I look forward to connecting with you!

xoxo, Laura

Laura Koniver, M.D.




A sample of feedback from patients:

“Laura's Medical Intuition insights turned my world upside down!   She presented me with her understanding of not only my physical issues but the most amazing way of looking at how my energy and my habitual way of thinking about those issues could be holding me back from peace and healing.”   -P.W.

“I want to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you. It was very inspirational and really not what I expected.   What I got was a mind opening and centering experience that I can carry with me for the rest of my life – not a diet, not a restriction, but freedom of the mind which in turn can heal my body.”   -S.T.

"Dr Laura Koniver radiates pure joy, just talking to her you begin to feel better...seen, understood and uplifted.   She is a true Healer in that she uses LOVE to dispel fear and darkness. After my first session with her not only did my physical symptoms disappear but I felt catalyzed to start a work project that I had been in fear around for years!   I highly recommend her especially for anyone who is struggling with fear around health problems or anyone wanting to move forward on their life's purpose. She has certainly been a God-send for me!"    -A.B.

"I have always felt like my health issues were so much more than just a prescription fix.  Through Dr. Laura's insight and genuine love and concern, I finally feel like I have gotten some solid answers."  - D.D.


"I have such a huge abundance of gratitude and joy for you. My life is so radically different and rocking in such an awesome way - I never dreamed this was possible. I feel like I've been reborn, whole, and have come home to myself."  - S.H.


"You've helped me so much already -- this call just took it over the top! I really feel so different now, like there is so much going on that I wasn't aware of that is actually all for the greater good.  I can't even explain how much better I feel now, after having talked to you. I have been in a very deep depression for a long time, especially since I got so sick 3 years ago -- and you really have helped to lift that strangle-hold of despair off of me. This is truly the first time in my ENTIRE life that I actually am looking forward to the future!!  It's like I am looking at life with a new set of eyes, a whole new perspective."  - S.B.

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