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Shielding iPad & Tablet Case
  • Shielding iPad & Tablet Case
  • Shielding iPad & Tablet Case

Shield your body from your iPad or smart tablet while it is in transit.  Internally lined with a very powerful, highly effective shielding fabric that protects you from radiation as well as from the electromagnetic fields that tablets and iPads emit.  

Most shielding devices do not block both forms of EMF disturbance like this one does.  Blocks over 96% of the radiation from your tablet/iPad.


Tablet Case details:

  • Generously sized at 8.2 inches x 12.2 inches to fit most tablets.
  • Internal shielding fabric that shields over 96% of all radiation, as well as the electromagnetic fields that tablets emit.
  • External fabric is made with highly shielding stainless steel which is machine washable, reliable and long lasting.
  • Case secures closed with durable velcro.


xoxoxo, Laura


Interested in a smaller version you can use for your cellphone?  

Find that right here.

Interested in an even larger version you can use with your laptop?  

That's right here waiting for you too!  

The best part about the larger laptop case is that it is large enough to place over your lap and use as an abdominal shield, protecting your internal organs while you work on your computer.


is currently backordered. You may still purchase it now and I will ship it to you immediately after it becomes available again.