Laura Koniver, M.D.'s favorite grounding & shielding tools

No Cell Phone Sign -- create a healing zone
  • No Cell Phone Sign -- create a healing zone
  • No Cell Phone Sign -- create a healing zone
  • No Cell Phone Sign -- create a healing zone

Running a meeting or leading a class?

Have it be uninterrupted by calls, texting and worse, headache inducing radiation.

Asking your participants to turn off their cell phones isn't enough -- most won't.  I recommend having a basket out in your doorway to collect cell phones in prior to your class/meeting, or even at home before sitting around the dinner table.

Signs are a crystal clear way of getting your audience, co-workers, students and even family members to pause the technology, focus on each other, increase productivity, and decrease radiation.

It's possible to have a nearly EMF free environment by just doing a few simple things prior to your group session, and the most important thing might be to make your meeting area cell phone free.

No cell phone sign comes in 2 versions:

  • 3" x 9" flat, durable hard plastic sign with high contrast colors for easy visibility and self adhesive backing 
  • table top 3" x 8" tented design rests easily on any flat surface


Other great things you can do to improve meeting focus and productivity... and decrease health risks and radiation are:

- remove exposures:

remove cell phones, laptops, even fluorescent lighting.  Have a basket out to collect cell phones, provide a safe location to store laptops, and use natural lighting (windows, filament bulbs and even candles!) to create a healing environment.

- reduce exposures:

head outside to eat or hold your meeting/class if you can, pass out shielding lap blankets or provide shielding aprons for participants (which can be reused countless times and fully machine washable between meetings!)

- ground:

grounding mitigates damage from the residual EMFs that you can't reduce, so have all participants grounded... the easiest way is to move the meeting outdoors and slip off shoes, but you can ground indoors by passing out grounding patches, running a long grounding band on the floor in front of each row of chairs for feet to rest on, using grounding chair pads or simply having a grounding blanket on the floor for folks to sit on... or put seats in a ring around the blanket for all feet to touch it in the center. 

- plus:

stress is always handled better by a hydrated, nourished body.  Encourage your participants to drink filtered water before and after the meeting, as well as leading a few stretching or deep breathing exercises before the meeting begins and during any breaks!


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