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Shielding Boxers: machine washable, long lasting protection
  • Shielding Boxers: machine washable, long lasting protection

These shielding boxers are made from a stainless steel fabric that allows them to be repeatedly machine washed without losing shielding properties from normal wear and care (like inferior silver based products so easily do.)

Shield your colon, prostate, reproductive organs and more from radiation exposures 360 degrees all the way around your body.  Protect yourself from chronic EMF exposures when traveling, when at home, when using a laptop, when carrying your cell phone in your pocket, and more.  Sleep in them to shield all night long as well!

Shielding boxers have no fly and simply pull on, with an elastic waistband.  Unisex design means women can wear these too -- protect your ovaries, uterus, cervix, colon and more from radiation!  

Hand sewn entirely from stainless steel shielding fabric made with medical grade stainless steel fibers, it is machine washable time and time again. Simply wash in machine (or by hand if desired) and tumble dry, or air dry, no bleach.

Sizes run small because of the unisex design, if between sizes, size up:

Medium:  13" long, 38" hip circumference
Large:  14" long, 40" hip circumference
X-Large:  15" long, 42" hip circumference
XX-Large:  15" long, 44" hip circumference


Great protection for teens and adults who carry cell phones in their pockets or use laptops on their laps, anyone with a personal or family history of colon, rectal, prostate, uterine or cervical cancers, computer and microwave oven users, TV or radio station workers, research and hospital workers, or anyone exposed to RF radiation (which is all of us, sadly.)  

xoxoxo, Laura


 **Please note, to maintain strict hygiene standards I can not accept returns on personal health care items, including these shielding boxers**

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