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Conductive Grounding Socks: lower extremity healing
  • Conductive Grounding Socks: lower extremity healing

These grounding socks are a soft, comfortable polyester fiber woven with silver throughout the entire sock so that the entire sock is conductive!!!

The sock instantly becomes grounded and grounds your entire body when standing on a grounded surface, sleeping on a grounded mattress panel, or when used with a grounding heel strap (which transforms any shoe into a grounding shoe!) or with grounding footware such as Pluggz earthing shoes. 

This way, you can have the warmth and comfort of keeping socks on but not block the grounding flow of healing from your mattress panel, or the earth outdoors, or from your favorite grounding shoes.  

You can also use these socks to ground indoors! 

Simply clip the optional grounding cord to the cuff and plug into any grounding outlet in your home or workspace.  Your entire body is grounded from head to toe as if you were standing outside on the beach or in a garden barefoot!

When one part of your body is grounded, your entire body is grounded... so while this option is ideal for those suffering from diabetic neuropathy or peripheral vascular diseases, or athletes with foot and ankle injuries or soreness, these grounding socks will allow your entire body to be in the healing flow, from head to toe!

As a bonus, this grounding product is exceptionally easy to travel -- it's just a sock! -- so that no matter where you go, you never have to halt your earthing healing treatment. Just pack it with your clothing and go!



  • polyester knit with silver fibers throughout

  • fits shoe sizes 5 - 10

  • hand washable

  • to use indoors, select a grounding cord (in the drop down menu before adding to cart) -- to ground inside the comfort of your home or office, simply attach the grounding cord to top of cuff anywhere on the fabric and your entire sock (and body!) is grounded


Grab some extra pairs of socks so that you always have a fresh pair waiting for you when you want to go outside on a hike or a run or to slip on before bed!

xoxoxo, Laura


**please note I can not accept return on personal care items, including these socks**


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