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Chakra 7: Universal Bliss Awaits
  • Chakra 7: Universal Bliss Awaits
  • Chakra 7: Universal Bliss Awaits
  • Chakra 7: Universal Bliss Awaits
  • Chakra 7: Universal Bliss Awaits
  • Chakra 7: Universal Bliss Awaits

 Want to strengthen the gorgeous healing flow of energy through your crown chakra?

Move through your daily tasks and difficult decisions by making choices that give you a feeling of relief.

Once you find relief, you find peace.  Peace leads to joy.  Joy leads to your laughter coming back in… lightness… room to breathe.  Then love.  Reconnection.  Belonging to the world again, feeling like you are back on your true life’s path.

There is a soul reason for being alive right here, right now, at exactly this time in exactly this place and in exactly this way.   

Your crown chakra will help you discover why.

Want more help?

I painted this healing artwork to help evoke the energy flow through your crown chakra.  

Looking at this artwork daily will help you on several levels as you:

  • connect visually with the colors of this particular chakra
  • connect intellectually with words specifically chosen to evoke the energy of this chakra
  • connect emotionally with the power of the goddess in the artwork, radiant with healing chakra energy
  • connect energetically by stating the affirmation and activating the core energy of this chakra.


You can begin to balance your own chakras and my chakra series of healing artwork is a fun and dimensional way to do it.  

For more help I have a Chakra Healing eKit that includes a 57 page book on chakras... full of real life patient examples of symptoms that arise for each chakra when they are imbalanced and lots of hands on ideas that you can do right now to begin to rebalance them. Find out more about this priceless tool kit here.

Giclee prints are available for all 7 chakras in the art section of my shop!  


Each 8 x 10 inch print is hand signed and professionally printed using Giclee technology with 200+ year archival inks and archival quality heavyweight paper.  Additional print sizes available upon request!  

Prints also available in a set of 7 -- one professional print of each chakra:  root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye AND crown chakra!  Beautiful and healing, surround yourself with the light of chakra energy! 

The original artwork is painted on a 12 x 16 inch gallery wrapped canvas and is framed in an environmentally friendly eco-wood black frame, ready to hang.


To your vibrant, colorful, healing chakra health! 


xoxo, Laura

is currently backordered. You may still purchase it now and I will ship it to you immediately after it becomes available again.