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Established Patient Add-On Consultation
  • Established Patient Add-On Consultation
  • Established Patient Add-On Consultation


For patients who have previously worked with me and have already established a therapeutic relationship...

I offer the option to add on an additional consultation whenever you like!  


  • Want to add an extra 30 minute consultation on top of your existing plan, so that we can work twice as deep and connect twice as much during a particular month?

  • Your plan just ended but something new has popped up and you want the flexibility to add on an additional 30 minute consultation whenever you like?


This additional consultation can be purchased singly or in any quantity you like instead of re-enrolling in an entire consultation package after you have already become my patient. 

Each established patient follow-up consultation is a 30 minute long appointment.


Want 2 more consultations?  Just select quantity "2" when checking out.


Want 3, 4 or more?  Just add that quantity to your cart during check out!


This gives you the ultimate flexibility in creating a custom plan to fit your needs, and eliminates the "get to know you" intro phone call so that we can go right back into our important healing work, together!


 By purchasing any of my consultation plans or individual add on consultations you acknowledge that my consultations do not substitute for advice from your in-person physician. My goal is to support and empower you emotionally on your journey to health freedom by acting as a consulting physician with a fresh perspective, not to become your primary physician. 


Let's figure out the messages your body is sending you... it is speaking to you through your symptoms, and I am here to help.


I look forward to connecting with you!

xoxo, Laura

Laura Koniver, MD


P.S. --  Are you a new patient?

For new patients who I haven't worked with before, check out my consultation packages here to sign up for our first call together! 



is currently backordered. You may still purchase it now and I will ship it to you immediately after it becomes available again.