Earth friendly, organic grounding & shielding tools

Facial Recovery Grounding & Shielding System
  • Facial Recovery Grounding & Shielding System
  • Facial Recovery Grounding & Shielding System
  • Facial Recovery Grounding & Shielding System
  • Facial Recovery Grounding & Shielding System

Grounding + Shielding + Cold Therapy =

Less Swelling, Less Pain, Faster Recovery


Grounding has been shown in the medical literature to instantly support skin repair and circulation, decrease swelling and soreness, and shorten recovery time post trauma.

Application of cold is one of the oldest most effective treatments in the history of medicine, decreasing swelling and providing superior pain relief when recovering from procedures such as cosmetic procedures, injections, augmentations and more.  

Combine both together and you get synergistic support that will help you feel more comfortable as you recover and help you get the best possible cosmetic and therapeutic results.

On top of this, since both therapies are topically applied, not systemically absorbed, you can get significant pain relief and decrease in inflammation without adding another prescription and risking horrific side effects!


Use after:

- injectable procedures such as botox, disport, kybella, restylane, radiesse, juvederm, bellafill, voluma, etc...

- chemical peels and laser treatments

- facials

- hair removal

- microdermabrasion and microneedling 

- and much much more!


In fact, having this facial recovery tool on hand gives you many different options, as you can use the face shield independently to shield your head from radiation and EMFs as you sleep or travel, to decrease headaches and support migraine recovery, for treatment of sinus issues such as allergies and sinusitis, and more.  


5 pc. Grounding Facial Recovery Kit includes:

- Grounding & shielding face mask
- 10 ft. grounding cord with 100k ohm resistor built in 
- outlet checker
- facial hot & cold reusable face pack
- all packed up in a reusable tote


Simply tie facial shield onto face, clip ground cord to the edge of the mask, then place cold pack on top of face shield.  Through shielding, grounding and cooling of the facial tissues, you can decrease swelling and inflammation through multiple therapies at once.

You can also order the face shield alone (without cold pack or ground cord) if you simply want to shield your face from radiation to support facial health.

To a speedy and fabulous recovery!

xoxo, Laura 























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