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First Snowfall, Giclee Print
  • First Snowfall, Giclee Print
  • First Snowfall, Giclee Print
  • First Snowfall, Giclee Print

     I love this painting. 2010 was truly a magical year... it started off with a blue moon on New Years Eve... and then we had our first snowfall in 25 years down here in Charleston, SC. For my kids, this was absolutely a dream come true.

     I'll never forget, watching them watch the snow fall down softly from the nighttime sky... on our back porch, they were so excited they hugged each other and left their arms around each other as they watched it fall. 

     It was so cute it took my breath away.

     Not much compares to the magical feeling of pure white snow floating gently down from the sky for a child. My kids were 6 and 8 at the time, and I just had to capture their sweet little child bodies and paint it. Already, less then 1 year later, they look more grown up. And who knows if it will ever snow like that again where we live. This might be the most magical snowfall of their entire lives.

     This painting reminds me to appreciate the moment that I'm in, there here and now, the magic that is all around me. Because really, every moment only happens once. Every moment is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to appreciate where we stand. Whether snow is falling down from the sky or not.

     I hope you love this painting as much as I do. This listing is for one 8 x 10 giclee print, professionally printed from a print shop with archival quality ink onto a gorgeous velvet smooth heavy weight paper.  The watermark does not appear on the prints.  Custom sizes available upon request. 


xoxox, Laura

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