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Grounded Heel Strap: Ground while wearing any shoe!
  • Grounded Heel Strap: Ground while wearing any shoe!

Have a favorite pair of sneakers? 

Need to wear an orthotic insert and barefoot just isn't an option? 

Want to wear your rugged hiking shoes for some serious outdoor adventures? 


Using this heel strap you can convert any shoe you own into a grounded shoe simply by slipping the conductive rubber heel strap over the outside of the sole of the shoe, securing with adjustable Velcro, and slipping the conductive tag into your shoe or sock to connect with your skin.

Grounding is instantaneous when standing on any conductive surface, like Mother Earth! 

One heel strap per order (grounding through one foot will ground your entire body!)


Want to wear socks while grounding while wearing any shoe?

Add on a pair of conductive grounding socks to use with your heel strap! 

Wearing highly conductive grounding socks with your heel strap means you don't have to worry about tucking the conductive tag from the heel strap into your regular sock to ensure contact with your skin. 

All you have to do is slide the conductive tag anywhere into your shoe, and as it makes contact with the conductive sock it speeds the grounding connection throughout your entire sock... encasing your entire foot in the healing flow of grounding!  



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Enjoy Healing!

xoxoxo, Laura

***Please note:  To maintain strict medical hygiene standards, I can not accept refunds on used personal care items, including these grounding heel straps***


"I want to thank you. Your products are amazing. The grounding heel strap makes my hikes out in the woods even more rewarding and energizing, and it's much more sturdy than expected!"   - E.M.

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