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Grounding Mat: Lightweight & Strong Healing
  • Grounding Mat: Lightweight & Strong Healing
  • Grounding Mat: Lightweight & Strong Healing
  • Grounding Mat: Lightweight & Strong Healing
  • Grounding Mat: Lightweight & Strong Healing
  • Grounding Mat: Lightweight & Strong Healing
  • Grounding Mat: Lightweight & Strong Healing

Using grounding products indoors when it is most comfortable and convenient for you -- at work, at home, in bed... you can actually enjoy the process of healing!


Imagine that.  Enjoying the process of healing.


That is what we were meant to do and this is one easy, reliable, safe and effective way to get into that healing zone when you are most open and relaxed and receptive to repair and healing... which is while you sleep.... or during the day, when you most need grounding support, such as at work.

This mat has an interior that is entirely made from highly conductive super lightweight and soft carbon foam, so you can sleep directly on it at night or have it on your seat at work, or you can discreetly have it on the floor where you can slip off your shoe and place a bare foot right on the mat... endless applications! 

This soft and cushy carbon conductive foam is then completely encased in a fine mesh (soft, not prickly!) of stainless steel, so that the entire surface area is highly conductive from top to bottom, all sides, even throughout the middle!  

Combining the endurance of stainless steel with the reliability of carbon, you get a lightweight but strong source of grounding that will last you years and years. 

12" square grounding mat also comes with a built in inline fuse for added safety and peace of mind, as well as both outlet and grounding stake options for connecting to the earth.



  • 12" x 12" soft, highly conductive carbon foam completely encased in stainless steel fine grade mesh... the combination of carbon and stainless steel makes this the most conductive and longest lasting product available on earth!

  • foam is comfortable and extremely lightweight... ideal for use in the office or at home

  • comfortable enough to sit on or even sleep on, and so lightweight it is ideal for travel -- slips into a suitcase, computer bag, briefcase, etc..

  • includes either an 20 ft grounding cord to ground your mat to an outlet (and an outlet checker so you can be sure your outlet is properly wired!) ...or choose a grounding stake with a 40 ft. grounding extension cord if you prefer to ground this mat directly outside to the earth, skipping the building's wiring all together!

  • both grounding cord and grounding rod options include a built in 100k Ohm resistor for added safety and peace of mind

  • includes a fully conductive, washable cover made out of only pure cotton and stainless steel fibers (no flame retardants and no dyes!) so that you can wash it and wash it with no loss of conductivity, great for protecting the longevity of your mat!


Care:  spot clean as needed.  


Enjoy healing while at work or at home or even on the go with this small but substantial healing mat.  Small and lightweight enough to travel with... big enough for head-to-toe health benefits.

xoxoxo, Laura


 ***please note, to maintain strict hygiene standards I can not accept returns on personal care items, including this grounding mat**

***Please allow 2 weeks for your mattress panel to be custom sewn in the USA just for you!  


"My grounding mat arrived and I love it!!!   It is very relaxing!!! It is the perfect size. The tester was excellent as well. It lights up perfectly so that there is no question as to whether we are using the correct ground outlet or not.  I have a new lease on life. Thank you!"  - P.K.


"I got the mats yesterday and gave one to my daughter... she was so excited!  She has chronic sleep issues but after a full night’s restful sleep with the “Dr.LK” pad, she was so impressed.  I slept on my “Dr.LK” pad too.  Deep restorative sleep was all mine.  I even woke up with no IT band pain due to an injury in December.  Thank you!"  - A.C.

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