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Grounding Party Packs: Movie Night Kit
  • Grounding Party Packs: Movie Night Kit
  • Grounding Party Packs: Movie Night Kit

This movie night will be unlike any other movie night you will ever have! 

Because this time... instead of just watching a documentary, you will be physically healing your body literally as you watch on of the most fascinating health documentaries ever created!

I love sending these kits out because I know that movie goers will be experiencing the benefits of grounding their body to the healing energy of the earth while they are discovering the science behind earthing and how this healing practice has transformed individuals and communities world wide.

The elderly in nursing homes, scientific studies world wide, patients affected by overwhelming EMF exposure, even those on the brink of death are revitalized by the life-saving practice of Earthing.


The film delves deeply into the science of what grounding does to the human body, and faces what critics try to do to discredit this astoundingly simple solution to the pain and suffering of humanity.


Does nature offer a simple alternative to agony?

Are millions of people wasting their time and money in the wrong places for relief?

This transformational film will change the way you look at the planet Earth beneath your feet!


Movie packs come with:

  • The "Heal For Free" DVD, a 97 minute documentary with bonus features

  • grounding adjustable, one-size-fits-all wrist bands

  • grounding extension cords for each wrist band

  • outlet adapter for two wrist bands to be used in a single grounded outlet

  • outlet checker (to be certain there is a proper ground in the outlet prior to use)

  • available in kits that accommodate 2 or 4 people

  • enjoy over 30% savings simply by ordering the DVD and grounding wrist bands together, instead of purchasing separately!

Don't just watch a movie... end the movie feeling better (and physically healthier!) than before the movie started.

Learn about the science behind this healing practice *AND* experience it all at the same time!


xoxo, Laura

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