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Grounding Wrist & Ankle Strap -- One Item, Two Ways To Ground
  • Grounding Wrist & Ankle Strap -- One Item, Two Ways To Ground
  • Grounding Wrist & Ankle Strap -- One Item, Two Ways To Ground
  • Grounding Wrist & Ankle Strap -- One Item, Two Ways To Ground

This soft and adjustable grounding strap slips on and off easily so you can ground your entire body in several different ways with this one grounding band!

This grounding band can be used on either your wrist or your ankle, giving you the ultimate flexibility of application and essentially doubling your grounding options.

It truly is two products in one!  You can use it on your wrist while on your computer, then slip it onto your ankle for use while sleeping... the grounding effect of this product means you are in a healing state of connecting to Mother Earth from head to toe!  

The elastic on this strap makes this easy to remove if you need to get up in the middle of the night, and just as easy to slip right back on when you get back into bed!

As a bonus, this grounding product is exceptionally easy to travel with so that no matter where you go, you never have to halt your earthing healing treatment -- just tuck it in your purse or backpack or pocket and go!

Get grounded, get protected, and get healing with this grounding wrist and ankle band!


  • Comfortable, soft yet durable elasticized fabric strap

  • Adjustable non-slip band can fit to most wrist and ankle sizes, giving you flexibility in how you ground

  • Positive action slide lock buckle and stretchy band allows you to simply slip the strap on and off with ease

  • Low resistant continuous silver filament

  • 4 foot grounding cord with 1 Meg resistor built in, plus an additional 8 ft grounding extension cord for added reach

  • Grounding outlet plug

  • Made in the United States of America


Enjoy healing while at work or at home or even on the go with this small but substantial healing wrist & ankle strap. 

Small enough to travel with... big enough for head-to-toe health benefits.

xoxoxo, Laura


***Please note:  To maintain strict medical hygiene standards, I can not accept refunds on used personal care items, including this grounding wrist & ankle strap**


"I want to tell how well my 91 yr old mother who lives in her own home is doing after using the grounding wrist strap for approximately 3 wks.  She is sleeping well, has much more energy, is more alert and is doing more things in a day than she has for a long time.   

In the past if she went out and did things for a few hours, she would be resting and/or sleeping for a couple of days.  I was really wondering if she was going to leave soon. 

Now she is a different person and says she just feels well.  This is amazing to watch and the only thing different she has done is to use the grounding wrist unit.  I am so happy with her results and I wanted to share them with you."    

- P.R.

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