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Grounding Wrist Strap -- velcro adjustable
  • Grounding Wrist Strap -- velcro adjustable

This adjustable wrist strap helps individuals with areas of chronic inflammation, pain and injury decrease pain, support the healing process and decrease inflammation from head to toe! 

As a bonus, grounding can add the benefits of EMF shielding, increased circulation and oxygen, boosted metabolic function, diminished wrinkles, and healthier and more vibrant skin.

 Using grounding products indoors when it is most comfortable and convenient for you, you can actually enjoy the process of healing!


Imagine that. 

Enjoying the process of healing.


That is what we were meant to do and this is one easy, reliable, safe and effective way to get into that healing zone when you are most open and relaxed and receptive to repair and healing... which is while you sleep.... or during the day, when you most need EMF shielding, such as at work.


This velcro adjustable wrist strap slips on and off easily so you can ground your entire body with one easy to use product... on that can move with you when you move because it is literally strapped onto your wrist!  You can use it while on your computer, while sleeping... the grounding effect of this product means you are shielding EMFs and at the same time, you are in a healing state of connecting to Mother Earth from head to toe!  

This product is a favorite for those who want to sleep grounded but not struggle with washing sheets or getting tangled up in grounding fabric.  The velcro strap makes this easy to remove if you need to get up in the middle of the night, and just as easy to slip right back on when you get back into bed!

When one part of your body is grounded, your entire body is grounded... so while this option might be ideal for those suffering from carpal tunnel or other wrist injuries, the benefits are not limited to the hands or wrists.

As a bonus, this grounding product is exceptionally easy to travel with so that no matter where you go, you never have to halt your earthing healing treatment -- just tuck it in your purse or backpack and go!

Get creative, get grounded, get protected, get healing, and get grounded with this earthing mini pad!



  • comfortable 2 cm wide, black nylon Velcro strap

  • interior surface is coated with conductive carbon

  • completely adjustable

  • coil cord with 1 Mohm resistor, connects to strap with snap, stretches to 60 inches

  • cord terminates with banana plug

  • includes a grounded outlet adapter (North American plug style) for banana plug to plug into

  • add on an additional 8 ft. grounding extension cord if you would like to enjoy more range/mobility from a longer cord length while using the wrist band


Enjoy healing while at work or at home or even on the go with this small but substantial healing wrist strap.  Small enough to travel with... big enough for head-to-toe health benefits.

xoxoxo, Laura


**please note I cannot accept returns on personal care items, including this grounding wrist strap**


"I want to tell how well my 91 yr old mother who lives in her own home is doing after using the grounding wrist strap for approximately 3 wks.  She is sleeping well, has much more energy, is more alert and is doing more things in a day than she has for a long time.   

In the past if she went out and did things for a few hours, she would be resting and/or sleeping for a couple of days.  I was really wondering if she was going to leave soon. 

Now she is a different person and says she just feels well.  This is amazing to watch and the only thing different she has done is to use the grounding wrist unit.  I am so happy with her results and I wanted to share them with you."    

- P.R.

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