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Insomnia Relief Tonight!  Holistic Sleep Kit
  • Insomnia Relief Tonight!  Holistic Sleep Kit
  • Insomnia Relief Tonight!  Holistic Sleep Kit
  • Insomnia Relief Tonight!  Holistic Sleep Kit
  • Insomnia Relief Tonight!  Holistic Sleep Kit
  • Insomnia Relief Tonight!  Holistic Sleep Kit
  • Insomnia Relief Tonight!  Holistic Sleep Kit

High quality, restorative sleep each night is absolutely non-negotiable -- it is CRITICAL to your long term well being.

Insomnia affects up to 40% of the population and causes over 100 BILLION dollars to our economy each year just in the US alone.  Insomnia ruins you daytime performance, adds immense burden to the health care system, and increases the risk of accidents and death.  All tolled, insomnia has far reaching detrimental effects personally, emotionally, medically, economically and on our society as a whole.

One in every 4 Americans report reaching for a prescription sleep aid in the past year to help them sleep.  But there are all natural alternatives that truly work, and are medically proven. 

One way to dramatically improve your sleep is to cool your forehead at bedtime.  Medical research has shown that sleeping with cooler head temperatures allows patients who suffer from insomnia to fall asleep as fast as patients with totally normal sleeping patterns.

Another important way to normalize sleep is to sleep grounded.  Sleeping grounded helps the brain to relax and for sleep to be deeper and more restorative, according to 20 years of research, EEG brain studies and sleep studies.  Sleeping grounded helps lower cortisol in the evening and boost it in the morning, helping you to fall asleep faster and wake up more energized.

Other ways to support healthy sleep patterns are to use melatonin to help induce sleep and drinking sleepy-time tea prior to bed. 

I've included all 4 of these powerful ways to support your ability to grab restorative, energizing, healing, deeply satiating deep sleep into one kit that you can use to find immediate relief from your insomnia.


The Insomnia Relief Tonight! Kit comes with:

  • a grounded mattress panel with superior medical grade stainless steel fibers, which lasts longer than inferior silver based fibers.  Includes grounding mattress panel, grounding cord, in-line fuse, grounding outlet adapter and outlet checker

  • a cold pack that you can place over your forehead as you fall asleep -- medically proven to work as I blog about here.

  • a tin of 36 tea bags of my favorite bedtime tea: Catch Some ZZZs from the Republic of Tea

  • and a two month supply of my favorite, pharmacy grade, high quality 2 mg extended release Melatonin supplement


I would love to work with you in conjunction with using the items in this kit -- together we can go over your medical history, talk about what your health goals are, what you've tried in the past, and come up with a customized health care plan that is specific to your unique journey. 

Working together either via a phone consultation (for those living in North America) or an email consultation (for those living internationally or those who simply prefer to email!) we can dive deeply into your health questions and I can offer feedback both from a medical perspective and an intuitive one! 

Let's get you sleeping better ASAP.

To a full night's sleep, one you deserve to have tonight and every night...

xoxoxo, Laura


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