Grounding and Shielding Tools For the Electrosensitive & EHS

Shielding Blankets: shield from EMF exposures all night long
  • Shielding Blankets: shield from EMF exposures all night long
  • Shielding Blankets: shield from EMF exposures all night long

Cotton shielding blankets that block out the irritating and harmful EMFs in your living space and feel so good, they will have you never wanting to leave your warm bed! 

Large, super soft, lightweight blanket is made from 80% bamboo and 20% cotton, then fully lined on the back from edge-to-edge with radiation blocking fabric: an awesome Öko-Tex 100 Class 1 certified, skin friendly cotton fabric for radiofrequency shielding (protecting from cell phones, cell phone tower, microwave, TV radiation, WiFi, radar, etc...)

No polyester, vinyl, or other synthetic fibers, just 100% all natural shielding that is snuggly soft and feels like a deep sigh of relief while shielding your body from man-made EMFs.


  • Shielding lining is Öko-Tex 100 Class 1 certified cotton shielding fabric: an all natural cotton fabric spun with gossamer-thin silver and copper threads ( 90% cotton, 9.5% copper, 0.5% silver.)
  • Top layer is a 100% all natural blend of 80% bamboo + 20% cotton
  • Attenuation: 40 - 10 dB attenuation from 100 MHz - 7 GHz and beyond... shielding even up to and past 10 GHz
  • Hand or machine washable, cold water, no bleach, no fabric softener.  Tumble dry on low heat or air dry, do not dry clean.
  • Color: solid cream/white color
  • 70" x 78". perfectly sized for use on full and queen sized beds.  Or keep it on your sofa as an oversized throw -- large enough to shield multiple people while watching your favorite movie.  For King or CA King sized beds I recommend using two blankets or my Shielding Bed Topper here.

I highly recommend pairing this shielding blanket with a mattress shield, to block EMF exposures from below as well -- find those here.  Pairing this shielding blanket on topf you with a mattress shield underneath of you provides 360 degrees of high shielding protection all night long, hour after hour, night after night... essential for anyone who is electrohypersensitive.

Sleep protected and enjoy healing!  

xoxo, Laura

***Please allow 2 weeks for your custom shielding blanket to be hand sewn for you right here in the USA***

***Please note:  To maintain strict medical hygiene standards, I can not accept refunds on personal health care items, including this shielding blanket***

is currently backordered. You may still purchase it now and I will ship it to you immediately after it becomes available again.