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Theraputic Wind Chime -- Release Stress In Seconds
  • Theraputic Wind Chime -- Release Stress In Seconds
  • Theraputic Wind Chime -- Release Stress In Seconds

Made entirely by hand from artists France out of organic and eco-friendly materials. The tubes are made of recycled cardboard and protected by layer of eco-friendly varnish inside and out.  

Eight chords of different lengths are welded with silver into a metal plate at the base of a resonance tube. Through precise tuning of the different tones, the harmonic progression of undertones and overtones circle in an endless flow.

And look inside -- the chime is made in the Golden Ratio, the most universally binding and divinely inspired mathematical relationship that exists in nature.

To use:  hold the chime by it's string and move gently in a circle to listen to it's harmonious sound.  I feature this wind chime in my Sound Therapy video, click below to hear the chime in use:



Recommended for indoor use to preserve the longevity of the chime. The chimes can be used outside, however I recommend hanging them in a dry place, like in an open window or under an overhanging roof.   Because the chime is fully eco-friendly and made from only earth friendly materials (no plastic, woot!) weather conditions will dull the vibrant nature of these chimes. If the chime gets wet, just let it dry and it will play it's magic melody over and over again. 

Supervise children using the chimes.  Although children love the crystalline sound, these chimes are not toys and not intended for children under 6 years of age.


xoxox, Laura

**please note I can not accept returns on opened or used healing tools such as these therapeutic wind chimes***

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