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Weight Release Kit -- optimizing weight naturally
  • Weight Release Kit -- optimizing weight naturally

Your body has a natural weight set point... the one that helps you feel as healthy and vibrant as possible.

As far as I’m concerned, our bodies are precious, beautiful, awe-inspiring vessels that hold our souls.  Point blank.

I don’t want any part of a diet or exercise program that boils these miraculous bodies down to calories in vs. calories out.

We are so much more than that… we are souls that all need different things from our bodies.


  • We eat for different reasons, our bodies move in different ways, we feel different emotions and we all process energy through our bodies uniquely.

  • We have different health needs and we have different physical limitations.

  • We have different amounts of time to invest and different goals we would like to get out of it.


So instead of focusing on a particular calorie intake or rigid mindframe, let's support your body to naturally align with the weight that is healthiest for YOU.


Here's how you do it:


1.  Decrease whole body inflammation

Inflammation is what makes your body feel crappy -- tired, achy, sluggish, even depressed.  (Read this blog post on the link between inflammation and depression.)


We can easily decrease your body's inflammation from head-to-toe by getting you grounded all night long on a grounded mattress panel (read this blog post on how grounding the body effortlessly reduces weight)



with Omega fatty acid supplements that contain vitamin D (read this blog post on how Vit D boosts weight loss benefits.)




2.  Boost restorative sleep

If you are having trouble maintaining your ideal body weight, the first thing you have to examine is your sleep quality. 

Did you know that poor sleep makes you gain weight 9 TIMES FASTER?  (Read this blog post on how even just a few days of poor sleep causes weight gain... and this holds true even for children, as outlined in this medical study.)


Sleeping grounded helps deepen sleep, so the grounded mattress panel will help not only with decreasing inflammation but with sleeping better too!

But this kit also includes Sleep Reset, an all natural bedtime drink mix that helps reset your internal clock so that you fall asleep faster and get as much restorative sleep as you possibly can.


3.  Raise your metabolism. 

As you age, metabolism slowly decreases... but it doesn't have to.  In conjunction with daily activity (just going on a daily walk is one of the most important things you can do to increase your life span, as I blog about here)



 AND you can take a supplement with rhodiola and 5HTP to decrease carb cravings and boost metabolism.

This supplement is pharmacy grade, pure, hypo-allergenic and GMO free.  Avoiding foods that cause gut inflammation (like gluten and sugar) will help decrease stress on your body... and avoiding empty calories from sugar and simple carbs will naturally help you select healthier food choices. 

Another simple thing you can do is stay hydrated... simply flushing your body with pure water will help you feel more energy and release unwanted weight...


we can encourage this even further by drinking metabolism boosting teas like the one I'm including in this kit for you!

So here's the plan: 

You commit to daily walking and drinking lots of fresh water, and I will send you the grounding mattress panel, Omega 3 + Vit D supplement, the nightly Sleep Reset drink, the Carb Crave supplement and metabolic boosting tea (all at incredible savings of over $100 off) to get you feeling your absolute best.

By decreasing inflammation, enriching your sleep, and increasing your metabolism... you absolutely can naturally get to your healthiest weight ever. 


And, if you would like to work privately one-on-one with me, I'd be happy to go over your unique health issues and formulate a plat that supports your individualized healing goals. 

Add on a phone consultation (USA customers only please!) or an email consultation (international customers or anyone who simply prefers email!) and let's get you feeling deeply supported.

To your vibrant health...

xoxox, Laura











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