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Chakra Radiance -- Natural Vitality
  • Chakra Radiance -- Natural Vitality
  • Chakra Radiance -- Natural Vitality
  • Chakra Radiance -- Natural Vitality

 Featured in the motion picture The Grounded, I painted this original artwork to depict how I intuit energy flowing through our chakras when we are grounding... directly touching the earth.


Connecting to the earth while Earthing™, our bodies are rooted, strong and supported by the flow of healing energy from Mother Earth.  

This energy in turn flows up through our core chakras and ehances their health.

When we are connected to the earth our chakras can shine their energetic strengths more easily and our entire health from head to to is enhanced.


We are all just like those gorgeous sunflowers -- souls that are rooted to the earth while in a physical body, but bending gloriously towards the shine of the light of Divine Spirit.  


Let your soul light shine, my friends!


The original painting lives with Dr. Weston, director of The Earthing™ Foundation.  

This listing is for an archival print custom matted to fit an 11 x 14 inch frame.  The prints are professionally printed with 200+ archival quality inks, onto gorgeous velvet smooth heavy-weight archival paper, signed and custom matted.


xoxo, Laura

Laura Koniver, MD

The Intuition Physician


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