Grounding & Healing Tools for the Electrosensitive



I know you love grounding, and that you are conscientious enough to recommend only eco-friendly, ethically hand crafted grounding tools to your fans and customers.  As the only company in the world who offers grounding tools specifically for the electrosensitive, I've had many requests to create an affiliate program so that folks who love my all natural, ethically hand crafted, physician-developed healing tools can recommend them to others and get paid for it!  

Well, now it's here... you can get paid for sharing Intuition Physician grounding tools, shielding tools, and any other holistic healing tools in my online shop that you adore and want to share with others (including my online classes!) 

I want people who are passionate about sharing the healing practice of grounding and other holistic healthcare tools to their unique audience.  In other words -- I want you!  Together we can transform the health of the people we care about, the health of our online communities and in person customers, all while safeguarding the health of the planet.  No crappy vinyl, plastic, "leatherette" grounding tools that are destined to sit in a landfill for 500+ years.  That's no way to thank the earth for supporting our health.  And no chain mega-corporation run by businessmen -- this is a small, independent, female owned and operated brand run by a physician who prioritizes health... not profit.

My goal is for you to be proud to share healing content and products from my website with others, and get rewarded for doing so!  By signing up as an affiliate, you can have a continuous source of additional income, just for letting your fans, followers, friends and customers all know about these awesome, eco-ethical healing tools.  

Don't worry, I do all the hard work for you -- personally designing, testing, packaging and shipping the world's best grounding and shielding tools directly to your customers.  I also design and lead online holistic health classes, book clubs, and have tons of fabulous free uplifting content on my blog and website that you will be proud to share.  Any blog post, product or recommendation that you share with your fans and customers can link your followers directly to my website using your unique affiliate code.  

As an affiliate, you'll have access to your own software that tracks every lead, every sale and every commission payment due to you.


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