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From The Ground Up: Earthing Children's Book
  • From The Ground Up: Earthing Children's Book
  • From The Ground Up: Earthing Children's Book
  • From The Ground Up: Earthing Children's Book
  • From The Ground Up: Earthing Children's Book
  • From The Ground Up: Earthing Children's Book
  • From The Ground Up: Earthing Children's Book


Imagine a picture book that you can share with your child... one that doesn't just entertain or soothe or comfort... one that facilitates healing!


From The Ground Up is the picture book I wish I had when my children were young, a book I could reach for when my kids had a boo boo, a low fever, an ear ache.   

This is the book I wrote so that my patients would have what I didn't -- a tool that fully illustrates a path towards healing, a book you can read while you connect with the earth that shows children through words and original artwork why Mother Earth is such a comforting, healing power.  

Grab this picture book, lay outside on a blanket and read it to your child -- within the 15 minutes you are laying there connecting with your child, Mother Earth is working her magic to reduce inflammation, decrease pain, comfort and support your child so that they feel better faster.

This book is full of ideas on how to reconnect with the earth with your child, inspiration full color artwork throughout, a lyrical text for younger children as well as informative text boxes for older children.  It also includes an amazing parent reference section at the end of the book with additional ideas on how to have fun on the earth every day with your child, facilitating their own natural well being no matter what the time of day or night and no matter what the weather.


From The Ground Up is the worlds first children's book that facilitates the healing power of Earthing.

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These limited edition Director's Cut DVD's and the The Earth Prescription novel come bundled with my healing children's book to make the ultimate healing gift pack for all of your loved ones!

xoxo, Laura

Praise for From The Ground Up:
"Dr. Koniver’s picturesque children’s book is a magnificent portrayal in teaching our children all about grounding – the most important healing discovery ever. 
A must read for children and adults alike."
Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C., C.N.S., co-author of Earthing and author of The Great Cholesterol Myth

“A timely story with wonderful illustrations that prompt our intuitive
knowing of the Mother Earth effect: health and happiness." 
Clinton Ober, co-author of Earthing. The Worlds Greatest Health Discovery?

"As important as a first-aid kit in every home.  Dr. Koniver has  unveiled a stunning remedy for what's ailing us." 
Steve Kroschel , director of the motion picture  "The Grounded"

“This book deserves to grace the bookshelves of every family’s home. 
What a beautiful way to tuck our children into sleep at night…with a loving reminder that Mother Earth is here to heal and support us and we are never alone.”
Dr. Christy Westen – Director of The Earthing Foundation

  " A delightful read aimed at explaining Earthing and the benefits of touching the Earth to children, we heartily recommend Laura Koniver’s “From the Ground Up.” 

 Dr. Laura, besides being a practicing medical doctor in South Carolina, is a highly creative writer and artist.  

She has filled her book with small portions of easy-to-read language spiced with colorful, whimsical illustrations that will appeal to youngsters and parents alike."

- Martin Zucker -- director of

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In it, I explain my top 15 parenting principles as a mama, physician, and home educator.  I share with you exactly how I inspire my children to stay connected to their own innate well being and empower them to feel their best. 

xoxo, Laura

Laura Koniver, MD
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