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Grounding In Moonlight -- Universal Rhythm
  • Grounding In Moonlight -- Universal Rhythm

I painted this image as a companion image to my "Reaching For Guidance" artwork, featured on the cover of the motion picture The Grounded DVD (cover art found here.)

This "Grounding In Moonlight" artwork is featured on the cover of the sequel motion picture, Heal For Free.


Set in beautiful blues, mystical whites, and intuitive indigo colors, this artwork speaks of the concert between mankind and the earth, the compliment of human beings to plants, the interplay between the earth and the moon.

Each relationship has a supportive dance to dance with the other.

The moon affects the earth with it's pull, the trees gift their oxygen to the atmosphere, and the earth offers it's healing properties of grounding to us all.

Each is here to support us, love us, provide for us, care for us.


Simply touching a tree or walking barefoot is enough to set off a healing cascade that affects our bodies, inside and out, and draws healing energy into our being.

The energy of the woman barefoot on the earth swirls, compliments and mixes with the energy of the grounded, rooted tree.

As they both stand under the magic of the full moon, both play a small yet unique part in the history and existence of the Universe as a whole.

We are all connected.

We are all one.

We are all part of the mysterious dance of life and of existence.


The original artwork is painted on a gallery wrapped 16 x 20 inch canvas **SOLD***


Professional Giclee 200+ year archival quality prints are also available, they are printed on gorgeous velvet smooth heavyweight archival paper or directly onto canvas (select below.) 

From my soul to yours, my heart to yours, dancing right alongside of you in the mystery as we all take our place on this planet together...

xoxox, Laura


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