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Heart Health: Connection Is Real
  • Heart Health: Connection Is Real
  • Heart Health: Connection Is Real
  • Heart Health: Connection Is Real
  • Heart Health: Connection Is Real

 Our hearts are the center of our ability to expand… expand beyond just ourselves, and beyond just our limited experience, and expand beyond just this one lifetime.

Through our heart we can feel our connection to others, and our eternal nature.

It expands outwards in rays of energy from our heart chakra, right from the center of our being.

  • Have you ever sat, focusing on something that made you so happy, and just felt your heart grow larger and larger and larger still?
  • Have you ever felt that your chest was going to explode, your heart energy got so big?
  • Have you ever felt your heart vibration reach past your chest, past your body, reach into the space around, to the people around you, to the universe around you?

It feels so good because it is the healthy state of being connected to all of the energy around you.


You are dropping the limited barriers of what defines *you* and reaching out to *all that is*… in this state, I feel that no disease could maintain itself for long.


  • Through your heart, you can expand past any problem, any limitation.
  • Through your heart, you can connect to all that is non-physical around you.
  • Through your heart, you can *feel* the eternal that you can’t *remember* or figure out with your brain.


Your heart is an amazing organ, designed to pump nutrition and health throughout your entire body.  It’s designed to pump joy and love throughout your entire being.

Really *feel* the entire purpose of it’s design.

It is the one organ, more then any other, that connects your entire body of being together.  It reaches every tissue, every surface, every other organ.  Through it’s immense meshwork of vasculature, your heart is one of complete and utter connection.  Expansion.

Physically, expanding to every single cell in your body… and emotionally, expanding your life force from you to the universe.

To strengthen and expand you feelings of health and joy, remember those experiences where you feel your heart expanding, and seek to find those more often.

Do what you can, today, to find a moment like this and savor it.

You have just found your heartsong.

Every moment you spend in that state, you spend in the state of pure and absolute health.


I created this artwork to remind my patients to remain flexible as a way to nurture their heart.  I used a diagram from my medical school anatomy book... and I combined it with a fabulous quote that reflects the healing energy of the heart:


“I know in this moment, we are connected, we are one.  In our hearts, we are non-physical.

I see through the illusion, I see through the separation.  

I am in the now.  I am in love.  I am in freedom.

I am.”

                                – Story Waters



This heart collage uses an anatomy text, vintage sheet music, acrylic inks, vinyl lettering and paint on a 11 x 14 inch wood panel, sealed with archival quality varnish.  This collage comes framed in an eco-friendly 80% recycled material composite black frame, signed by the artist.

To your heart health!  

xoxo, Laura



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