Grounding & Healing Tools For the Electrosensitive

Grounding Test Meter: easily verify that you are grounded indoors & outside
  • Grounding Test Meter: easily verify that you are grounded indoors & outside
  • Grounding Test Meter: easily verify that you are grounded indoors & outside

Need to verify that you are grounded through your indoor grounding tools? 

Want to verify that you are grounded through your outdoor or indoor surfaces?

This meter can verify the conductivity of any grounding tool and any surface, indoors and out!  Simply plug the meter into a grounded outlet, or directly into the earth itself outside, and push the button while touching your grounded surface.

Works for all types of ground connections: standard ground cords, PureGround ground cords, outdoor ground stakes (both standard and PureGround) as well as testing all indoor grounding tools, indoor surfaces that you want to check for grounding (such as basements, tile, cement slabs, garage floor, pipes, etc...) and outdoor surfaces too!

Meter is very simple to operate and includes instructions.  

Watch the video below if you would like to see me demonstrate how to use this grounding test meter:



This meter includes a custom made ground cord that needs to plug into a grounded North American style outlet for use indoors.  Can be grounded directly outside by plugging it straight into the earth, as I show you in the video below.  Meter uses one 9V battery, not included.

  • Ground test meter
  • Custom made ground cord
  • Instructions

This is the exact meter I use to personally test all of my hand curated, boutique grounding items!  

It's also the same test meter I use in all of my grounding videos and grounding tiktoks to show various ways to get grounded outside.

To watch me use this test meter to test outdoor surfaces, check out this video below:



Or this TikTok where I walk you through using this meter outside.

The grounding test meter can not be returned, find my return policy here.

Enjoy grounding!!!! 

oxxoxoxo, Laura


"I ordered the ground test meter to test my old sliver based earthing sheets, as well the new stainless steel grounding pad I got from you.   Lo and behold, the old silver sheets I bought years from a different company came up yellow on the tester -- not grounded!   Wondering how long I thought I was being grounded and wasn’t, very disappointing.  I always wondered why I never felt any improvement, started to think it was pseudo-science!

Your grounding pad came up with a very strong ground.  Looking forward to feeling improvement in my health, since I now have something that is actually grounded.  I am so glad I bought the tester.  Anyone that already has grounding equipment may want to get a tester and check it.  You are right, the silver sheets with the snaps are problematic.  I would have never guessed, so glad I ran into your site."   - D.C.

is currently backordered. You may still purchase it now and I will ship it to you immediately after it becomes available again.