Grounding & Healing Tools for the Electrosensitive

PureGround Grounding Cord: filter out & shield EMFs from your ground connection
  • PureGround Grounding Cord: filter out & shield EMFs from your ground connection
  • PureGround Grounding Cord: filter out & shield EMFs from your ground connection
  • PureGround Grounding Cord: filter out & shield EMFs from your ground connection
  • PureGround Grounding Cord: filter out & shield EMFs from your ground connection

This PureGround filter is absolutely crucial for anyone who is electrosensitive, and a smart choice for anyone who just wants the pure healing DC energy of connecting with mother earth, without any resonance to manmade AC electrical activity around them.

Why do you want to only allow the pure DC energy of the earth to reach you?  This video tells you why it is natural DC energy, not harmful manmade AC energy, that grounds you:



The PureGround grounding cord is absolutely the only way to get the purest ground connection through a cord, with these unique features:

  • the only grounding cord in the world with a PureGround filter at the ground pin, filtering out dirty electricity from entering the cord and preventing AC current from traveling up the line
  • allows only pure, grounding, natural DC earth energy to reach your grounding tool
  • the entire cord is shielded 360 degrees around with EMF shielding wrap, so the pure ground cord is shielded from stray voltage and electrical fields in the room 
  • includes a built in 100k Ohm resistor to protect from power surges while still allowing powerful, pure grounding right through
  • 10 ft long cord is long enough for reaching living areas in a bedroom or living room, but not so long that the cord gets tangled
  • grounding prong stays snuggly inserted into any grounding port of a North American grounded outlet
  • alligator clip to firmly secure to any grounding product -- clips are infinitely better than snap connections because it allows freedom of placement (just clip onto any grounding tool at any edge or any corner you like!) and it also allows you to remove the clip entirely to launder your grounding too.

And now, the PureGround 3.0 also includes these upgrades:

  • PureGround filter embedded in molding greater protection
  • alligator clip embedded in molding for stronger connection
  • grounding pin now at right-angle for flush-to-wall mounting

Watch me demonstrate why the electrosensitive should definitely be using this cord, in this video below:



If you are electrosensitive, this is a great option that will allow you to still have full connection with the earth, discharging inflammation and putting the body in a healing state, while preventing an AC current from running up the line.  Because the 

PureGround filter removes alternating current (AC) from the grounding system, it prevents EMF-induced AC current "tingling" sensations, pain and discomfort, crucial for electrosensitive folks, while allowing only pure direct current (DC) grounding from the earth to the body.

If you are unsure whether you want to choose a PureGround cord or a standard ground cord, or if you have read misinformation put out by and are confused as to whether a standard ground cord protects you from EMFs, this is the article you want to read:

PureGround Cord vs. Standard Cord For EHS

Thought the tingling and anxiety and other symptoms you were experiencing through a standard ground cord was a "grounding detox"?  Read these articles:


 Want to use this cord to ground directly to the earth?  

Simply select the grounding stake option from the drop down menu below -- you will get a 10 ft shielded filtered PureGround grounding cord that attaches to an additional 30 foot length of regular grounding cord and ground stake.  

This is 40 combined feet of cord that runs all the way out directly to Mother Earth outside, bypassing your building's wiring all together.  

  • The PureGround filter will filter out any dirty electricity from running up the line from the earth outside,
  • the shielding wrap keeps it shielded and pure, blocking any electrical fields from impacting the line as it runs into your indoor living space, shielding all the way up to your grounding tool
  • cord includes a 100k Ohm resistor built into the line as an added safety feature,
  • 9 inch solid stainless steel stake pushes easily into the earth,
  • and the fabulous alligator clip on the other end clips directly to any grounding item you like!  

Want to be able to test that your cord is truly grounded?  

Please do!  The PureGround filter cord requires a special ground test meter... and you can add on your exclusive PureGround test meter to your order from the drop down menu below!  



Now you can enjoy grounding -- even if you are electrosensitive!  

For more information on how to use evaluate your EMF exposures and protect your conductive health, hop over here to reserve a spot in my upcoming Electrosensitivity Class -- it's the most fun, uplifting, and supportive way to safeguard your body and boost your resiliency to the eSmog we all live with every day.

xoxox, Laura  

***Please note:  To maintain strict medical hygiene standards, I can not accept refunds on used personal health care items, including all grounding tools and grounding cords** 


Sample of customer feedback:

"Thanks so much for creating the safer grounding cord.  I had stopped using my grounding products until I got it.  Makes all the difference."  - J.W.

"I’ve been using your new pure ground cords for a few months now and have been sleeping so much better with them, I’ve felt such a big difference - thank you!"  - A.M.

"Within 2 mins of my feet being on a grounding sheet (using a standard ground cord) I started to feel really ill, I got a headache, nausea, tingling and numbness, light headed and a racing heart. I then tried the PureGround cord and everything has been good since. I've noticed a huge difference -- it sure works."   - L.P.

"I've used the wrist band with the new PureGround grounding cord attached for the past two nights and I woke up and felt ready to get up and go, and have way more energy through the day, too. Before this 2 day-old experiment, I'd been having trouble getting out of bed in the morning, just didn't feel rested, was groggy.  Marked difference!"   - A.K.

"I'm loving the cords. I have found such a difference between PureGround cords and the normal cords.  I feel so much better on them I'm not sure how I could ever go back to the normal ones."  - A.B.

"I started sleeping on a grounding mat a few years ago, but over time, I began to feel that it was no longer grounding me.  I bought your PureGround cord and last night finally got to sleep on my grounded mat again. It was incredible - I felt more calm and relaxed than I did even when I first started using the mat. Without the PureGround cord, I felt a surge of energy from my mat that kept me from relaxing, and would sometimes cause me to twitch.  I am so grateful to you for using your intuition to find out these subtle issues that other people are not aware of."  - E.Z.

"I already LOVE the pure cord!  When the package arrived I opened it and ran to an outlet to plug it in and see what I could feel, and it was the same amazing connection that I feel when I'm outside earthing! With a standard cord it initially felt good and healing, but eventually started feeling like it was enhancing my anxiety/ruminating."  - M.M.

"I already had the Earthing brand mat, but I haven't had much success with using the mat before your cord arrived  I didn't realize I had such sensitivity to EMFs.  I had tried to sleep with the mat at my feet and such, but it made my already restless leg symptoms worse and it seemed I hurt after prolonged contact with it. Your Pureground cord changed all that.  Now I am finally receiving benefit from the mat!"  - L.M.

"I love the pure ground cord concept... compared to cords, there is no comparison... The cords make me feel sick after using them for a while, the pure ground cords relax, help with sleep, reduce pain, and speeds up the healing process and has even changed the minds of people I know who are major skeptics after they tried it."  - M.G.

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