Earth friendly, organic grounding & shielding tools

Organic Grounding Fitted Sheets: Machine Washable, Eco Friendly
  • Organic Grounding Fitted Sheets: Machine Washable, Eco Friendly
  • Organic Grounding Fitted Sheets: Machine Washable, Eco Friendly
  • Organic Grounding Fitted Sheets: Machine Washable, Eco Friendly
  • Organic Grounding Fitted Sheets: Machine Washable, Eco Friendly
  • Organic Grounding Fitted Sheets: Machine Washable, Eco Friendly
  • Organic Grounding Fitted Sheets: Machine Washable, Eco Friendly
  • Organic Grounding Fitted Sheets: Machine Washable, Eco Friendly
  • Organic Grounding Fitted Sheets: Machine Washable, Eco Friendly

Most sheets are made from toxic fabrics that contain synthetic fibers and chemical coatings (such as fire retardants and dye) yet this has disastrous effects on our bodies... not to mention, they don't ground you.

Grounding sheets made from other companies just absolutely are not good enough -- either made from inferior silver fibers that literally degrade, stop working and won't ground you after a single wash, or they degrade from your natural skin oils and body care products even if you never wash them, or they are made from hot, plastic, unbreathable *leatherette* (I have no idea what leatherette is but I know I don't want it on my bed)... or they are made from the cheapest fabrics over seas in an non-eco-friendly manner and unethical labor practices.  Or, sadly, all of these issues combined.

So I won't carry any of those products on my website, and instead have decided to have my own grounding fitted sheets custom hand made, by USA artists living right in my hometown, using only 100% certified organic cotton fabric sheets, with a highly conductive, machine washable stainless steel grounding panel sewn right into it.

So if you want ethical, eco-friendly, non-toxic grounding sheets that will last for years and years even with machine washing, I've got you covered. 

Stainless steel will never lose conductivity and is the material of choice in hospital and doctor's offices world wide for it's ability to retain function wash after wash after wash. 

Simply wash and put right back on your bed, clip the grounding cord to the side edge of the conductive panel (which sits securely tucked up under the mattress!) and that's it!  As simple to use as any regular fitted sheet, but has super high quality conductive material across the foot of the sheet. 

The most secure way to know you are absolutely grounded and sleeping in a healing zone all night long.

  • Conductive inserts hand sewn (in the USA) onto 100% organic cotton fitted sheets

  • Generous sized stainless steel conductive fabric insert makes a large area of your bed grounded!  Panel is a nice large 2 foot wide strip that extends all the way across your entire mattress from one side all the way to the other.

  • Deep sides on the fitted sheet allow for use with thick pillow top mattresses up to 16" deep!

  • Elastic the entire way around the bottom ensures this fitted sheet stays put and never slips off like lower quality fitted sheets.

  • Machine washable.  Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.

  • Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King or CA King sizes.

  • Comes with a 10 ft long indoor grounding cord and an outlet checker to use in a grounded outlet...
  • ... or ground directly to the earth outside using a grounding stake with a 30 ft grounding cord (choose option from drop down menu below)
  • Both options include a 100k Ohm resistor as an added safety precaution

The fitted sheets are absolutely perfect to ground a specific bed, with the ease of putting on a fitted sheet.  But, if you wish to be able to adjust where you place the grounding panel on your bed, with the flexibility to place it higher up on the bed or vertically instead of horizontally... or you want 100% pure stainless steel mesh to powerfully ground you... or you want the flexibility to use a grounding tool on different sized beds over a lifetime... or you want a grounding tool for your bed that is easy to pack up and take with you when you travel... or you simply want a grounding tool that will outlast all others, you might prefer the Grounding Mattress Panel found here.


Are you electrosensitive?

You may wish to upgrade to a PureGround filter cord that filters out dirty electricity from traveling up the cord to the grounding tool, and shields the cord from ambient EMFs in the environment as well.  


Just click over here to upgrade the included standard ground cord the PureGround EMF filter & shielding cord at special reduced pricing!


xoxo, Laura

***Please note:  To maintain strict medical hygiene standards, I can not accept refunds on used personal health care items, including these conductive fitted sheets***

***Please allow 2 weeks for your conductive fitted sheet to be custom sewn just for you!  


Customer feedback:


"Your grounding sheets are the best in the world!!!  Thank you for making them!" - V.J.

"We are loving the fitted sheets!  They are so comfy and it is helpful to know exactly where to place our feet.  The inset conductive piece targets the area perfectly and it washes beautifully!  With this method we don't have to worry about tracking down 100% cotton or satin pajamas.  We are very pleased with our purchase!"  - T.P.

"It arrived yesterday and beautifully packed! I put the sheets on and I am one of those sensitive people so a lot of tingling in my fingers and feet. I know it is working and so excited!"  -B.P.

"The organic cotton sheet is beautiful to look at, the workmanship is just beautiful.  The grounding is powerful... since I am on my menopause insomnia has to become the norm. Not anymore, I am falling asleep within 20 minutes, fantastic. I also sleep longer and have no problems to get out of my bed, which is a very new experience for me. Thanks for putting so much love, care and effort into your business, I deeply appreciate it!!"  -L.C.

"The grounding fitted sheet I bought from you has, quite literally, been a lifesaver. I have one of the most painful conditions there is (Lyme-Morgellons) and when I go to bed and ground, my pain level is cut in half almost instantaneously. I get so many more REM sleep hours now - often 4 or 5, whereas as prior to grounding at night I would get usually none, or one at most.  Also, cats know a good thing when they feel it.  Almost immediately my cat Pistol began sleeping at the foot of my bed, always at least a paw or two on the grounding band or touching me somewhere to stay in ground contact. Now he grounds more than I do!!  It's the only place he wants to be when he's in the house."  -W.S.

"Your sheet is WAAAAY more effective than any of the's products. I have bad lower back problems and it's completely gone with your product!" - C.L.


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