Grounding & Healing Tools for the Electrosensitive

Monthly Group Grounding Sessions on Zoom
  • Monthly Group Grounding Sessions on Zoom
  • Monthly Group Grounding Sessions on Zoom

Once a month, Dr. Koniver leads an hour long grounding session -- sessions are live, conducted via Zoom, and Dr. Koniver will start by personally leading you through a 30 minute grounding practice and then open the chat up to a live 30 minute Q&A!  

Stay grounded the entire hour and ask Dr. Koniver anything you've wanted to know about grounding and how to optimize your health benefits.  

You can join this live Zoom meeting from anywhere, so you can be outside grounded to the earth for this healing hour (joining in by phone!) you can be at home using any indoor grounding tool, you can even be at work and join by computer, tablet or phone.  

Touch base with Dr. Koniver each month as she offers this exclusive opportunity to ask questions on grounding and and to experience an hour long grounding session with her live.  Attending a live grounding event will help keep you on track with your grounding practice and give you tons of additional tips and tricks for maximizing your grounding benefits for your specific health goals!  

Sessions are the first Wednesday of every month at Noon EST, but no worries if you can attend live!  All sessions will be recorded and sent out to everyone who has signed up immediately following the meeting, in case you need to miss the live session... you are welcome to replay the recording as often as you like and have a grounding session at your convenience any time all month long!

Join one individual meeting, or sign up for a monthly subscription to participate each month automatically!  And no worries, subscriptions can be paused or cancelled at any time.

Monthly meetings start this August!  Let's do this together!

xoxoxo, Laura Koniver MD

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