Grounding & Healing Tools for the Electrosensitive

Grounding Hot and Cold Packs: Recover Faster
  • Grounding Hot and Cold Packs: Recover Faster
  • Grounding Hot and Cold Packs: Recover Faster
  • Grounding Hot and Cold Packs: Recover Faster
  • Grounding Hot and Cold Packs: Recover Faster
  • Grounding Hot and Cold Packs: Recover Faster

These hot and cold packs are hands down the most versatile way to ground your body. 


One of the most powerful holistic healing modality of all time, heat helps loosen stiff muscles, increase blood flow to the area of application, decreasing soreness and pain, keeps the body warm and limber, relieves cramps, abdominal pain, muscle tension and tension headaches, and much much more.

Cold is every bit as healing, helping to decrease inflammation, cool down painful injured areas of swelling, decrease joint pain and pain associated with pinched nerves, arthritis, inflammation, trauma, contusions, over use injuries and much much more.

Alternating ice and heat on an area of pain or injury allows the body to recover more quickly and significantly decreases pain and swelling.

You can take all of these positive healing aspects and make the effects exponentially more powerful by grounding the body at the application site as well, because grounding independently has been medically proven to decrease pain, decrease muscle tension, decrease muscle soreness, increase circulation and much much more.

Using these two healing modalities together could not be any simpler than with my grounding cozy slipped over a gel pack that has been cooled in the freezer or warmed in the microwave in just seconds.

Perfect for use as a beauty treatment -- just rest grounded ice packs over eyes to reduce puffiness while grounding goes to work increasing skin circulation and radiance!  Helps with falling to sleep more quickly when placed on forehead at night, relieves migraine pain, place over sinus area to relieve sinus pressure, apply to abdomen to sooth cramping and nausea, ideal as a first aid treatment for injuries... the applications are endless.


  • includes 2 gel packs that can be heated (20 seconds in the microwave) or frozen for either hot or cold application
  • 5 x 7 inch gel packs are the perfect size -- 5 oz low profile size is small and light enough to travel with, large enough to treat areas such as abdomen, lower back, forehead, knee, elbow, ankle, etc..
  • gel packs are made of 97% spring water and durable medical-grade plastic that won't rip, tear, or puncture
  • simply store packs in freezer and use anytime. Cold gel packs remain flexible even when frozen, to mold to treatment area with ease. Microwave the packs to soothe away aches and pain. Rotate between 2 gel packs for easy back-to-back treatments or to alternate between heat and cold.
  • grounding cover is hand sewn with conductive, grounding medical grade stainless steel fabric and a velcro closure
  • stainless steel is the most conductive, longest lasting grounding material available on the market today, and will not lose conductivity after repeated washings
  • cover helps protect skin from direct application of ice and heat and prevents thermal injury as well as allows the gel pack to retain desired temperature for longer, and provides the additional healing strength of grounding to the treatment area
  • choose from a standard indoor ground cord or a PureGround EMF filtering cord... all cords are manufactured in the USA and come with a built in 100k ohm resistor as a safety feature
  • cover is fully machine washable 
  • kit comes with:
- a grounded gel pack cover (5.5 x 7.5 inches)
- 2 gel pack inserts (5 x 7 inches)
- grounding cord with 100k ohm resistor (choose standard cord or PureGround EMF filtering cord)
- a grounding outlet checker to check that your outlet is properly grounded 


Stays hot or cold for the perfect treatment length of 10 - 15 minutes... ideal to prevent over-treating the areas of injury.  

For longer lasting heat or cold applications -- such as to sleep grounded and warm in bed all night long -- upgrade to a Grounded Hot/Cold Water Bottle, which can retain heat for 8 - 10 hours at a time!  

These grounded hot & cold packs are essential for every first aid kit!


"I have sprained my ankle 3 times and the first two times I used Arnica gel and homeopathic pills and prickly pear cactus to heal it. It took months of awkward walking. This third sprain I used your grounding hot and cold pack and this one healed in 2 1/2 weeks... so I am very happy!"   - J.H.


xoxox, Laura


**please allow up to 4 weeks for your grounding tool to be custom hand sewn in the USA just for you, and understand that custom made items can not be returned**

is currently backordered. You may still purchase it now and I will ship it to you immediately after it becomes available again.