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Grounding Boutique items are the absolutely hands down the highest quality, most durably constructed, expertly developed, personally inspected and most effective grounding healing tools available.  

Custom made, individually hand sewn, boutique quality grounding tools made locally right here in the USA using eco friendly, environmentally conscious materials like organic hemp and organic cotton, and superior quality conductive elements such as stainless steel and carbon fiber that will last and last. 

I stand behind these products as being the safest way to ground as well as the most cost effective, as these tools are built to last for years and are personally tested by me (Dr. Laura Koniver, M.D. a physician who has been using grounding as a healing modality for over 15 years in clinical practice) -- these items are effective and personally inspected and shipped by me, from my hands to yours.  

It's the only place on earth you can get a physician hand packaging an ethically crafted, holistic healing tool and shipping them out personally, directly to you.  

Wholesaling these Grounding Boutique items is very easy, with quantities as small as 5 of any one item and no minimum purchase cost to meet.

Wholesale pricing and details are available right here... just click the link below to view:


2018 Wholesale Price List

Simply email me your items & quantities and I will email you back a custom invoice and hand package up your order personally!  


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I love meeting with groups and being a part of retreats and meetings.  I have enjoyed giving interviews and presentations for many media and news outlets, private seminars, and also enjoy appearing on film and in movies! 

I absolutely loved the time I spent filming as an expert protagonist in the upcoming health documentary "The Grounded."   Appearing alongside astronauts Charles Duke and Edward Mitchell was certainly one of the highlights!

I truly enjoy speaking about a wide variety of holistic and traditional topics, including intuition, health and healing, parenting, female health and more... as well as being an ambassador for Earthing.


 Email me your request for appearing at your event to:


...and please be sure to include the location, dates, topic of the event as well as a contact name and email address so that I can respond as quickly and directly as possible. 

I look forward to adding my unique blend of medicine, intuition, inspiration and humor to your event and look forward to hearing from you!



I get asked frequently to review products and services for testimonials and feedback from me that you can use on your website, as well as for possible consideration for me to carry in my shop. 

You may email me at, or send any written requests and/or products for my consideration to:

Laura Koniver, M.D.

PO Box 1856

Fort Mill, SC 29715

Please understand I may take several weeks to reply to your request.  Providing a contact name, phone number and email address will facilitate my response greatly. 


Enjoy Healing!!!

xoxo, Laura