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Gentle Restart Detox Bootcamp: Oct 15 - 19, 2018
  • Gentle Restart Detox Bootcamp: Oct 15 - 19, 2018

 This is a super fun course -- so simple and easy and quick that you will want to do this detox every spring and fall to give your body a fresh start during the changing seasons! 

Fall Detox Class runs October 15 - 19, 2018 


5 days to completely release any summertime damage and toxicity and welcome the fresh new fall transition with an intention of renewal... welcoming a deep renewal, inside and out!  And it couldn't be any easier!  

Take the live bootcamp with me and wake up to a new, easy, fun, uplifting layer of detox each day for 5 days straight -- each day building progressively on the previous detox day.

NO diets, fasting or harsh supplements.  A 100% gentle, effective, fresh start for you!!!  No feeling deprived, no fasting, no radical changes, this is a safe and natural re-aligning with health, while gently allowing toxins to flush out of our system... in class together!


The Detox Bootcamp course comes with some fun items that you can incorporate right into the detox week, and I'll show you how, with:

detox bath salts

a loofah

a fun temporary tattoo affirmation

a grounding wrist strap

a wish paper ceremony kit

and a 5 day supply of detox tea...

...all shipped right to your doorstep just before class begins!


     Beginning with a nutritional detox, adding on a hydration detox, a pH detox, an earth detox, we will finish with an uplifting energy detox.

     This super easy, super gentle detox program will give your body a fresh start, and was specifically created and designed to support your body without radical changes or drastic demands. 

This course is designed to be gentle and safe while still being maximally effective.      


Ready to let go of what your body does not need and welcome in the new? 

Let's go!


 xoxox, Laura  


A Sample of Detox program feedback:


“I just have to tell you how great I'm feeling already! I felt it within a few minutes of beginning the detox yesterday, its amazing!! THANK YOU. I knew I needed the detox. I expected to enjoy it.   But I did not expect such wonderful results to start flowing through me within minutes of beginning it."

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the cleanse.  It was a very good week and I looked forward to your email daily!  I saved all the info, so I can repeat the cleanse in the future.  I loved all the information you covered and felt it was really one of the best cleanses I've done.  Thank you for all you do!!!"

I really enjoyed the five day program and appreciate the wisdom and products you shared with us!!  I am grateful that I did this program with you... My energy level feels more balanced... My sleep was so restful last night... Inside I feel calm and centered and see and feel possibilities... Now I'm looking forward to the intuition course starting soon!! 

"Thanks so much for putting together all the good, informative details in the detox week class!  I love your heart, your honesty, and your desire to bring wellness in a holistic, gentle manner to so many folks. Keep it up!"

"Your courses are just like a little slice of heaven in my day. They ground you, encourage you to soar - all of it!  I'm keeping this detox manual to do and redo whenever I need a little boost!  Thank you Dr. Laura!"


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