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Held In Safety: Healing Mantra
  • Held In Safety: Healing Mantra
When you are faced with a health challenge...


...know that your soul stands in Well Being.


Your soul stands SAFELY in Well Being!

No matter what is happening to your body…

…your soul is held safely by the Universe, by God, by Spirit.


You are loved and you are supported in ways both seen and unseen.


Your body could be experiencing any disease: it could be dying, it could be hurting, it could have a rare unexplainable condition… all these experiences remain true for your body...

...but they are not happening to your soul.



Your soul is fully intact, fully functional, fully safe, fully vibrant… and stands firmly in well being. 



All our earthly experiences are just that… earthly experiences.

And through it all, our souls remain rooted in well being.


Connected to other souls, watched over by Spirit, surrounded by loved ones, guarded by angels.


And so a healthy inner mantra becomes:


“My soul is always safely held... ALWAYS!”



I want this tattooed into your heart, because remembering this fact during times of stress, trauma, or illness IS your path back to health and healing.



But since we can't tattoo our hearts, I've painted it for you instead.


To look at every day.

To remind you.


You are never alone, you are always safely held.



Giclee prints are 200+ archival quality, professionally printed on velvet smooth heavyweight archival paper (or directly on archival canvas) and signed personally by me.

The original painting is on acid free paper mounted to wood board and comes already framed, ready to hang.  It measures 12 x 16 inches.


From my spirit to yours.... xoxoxo, Laura

is currently backordered. You may still purchase it now and I will ship it to you immediately after it becomes available again.