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Stand Tall -- Chakra Anatomy original artwork
  • Stand Tall -- Chakra Anatomy original artwork

 Posture is a very powerful thing. 

Not only does poor posture literally physically affects your health, it affects your spirit.  Your posture truly affects you at your core — on your deepest energetic level.


  • Have you ever noticed that when life gets you down or wears you out, whether the stressor is big or small, your shoulders slump and your head hangs forward?

  • Do you notice your lower back round out when you’ve had a long hard day?

  • Have you ever faced a traumatic incident by wrapping your arms tightly around your chest or stomach?

  • Have you ever been so worn out from life that you curled up in your bed in the fetal position, knees curled up towards your chest…

  • …or felt so broken that you laid on the floor of your shower curled into this protective posture, letting the water and heat envelope you?


I have.  I bet you have too.

It’s totally natural to go into this comforting fetal position when stress surrounds you.  This because the fetal position is the position we are in while we are nurtured in the womb.  So when we are traumatized, stressed, or upset, it is very natural for our body to tuck in tight, ball up, seek the fetal position and try to survive.

But posture affects our chakra alignment which in turn affects our body from head to toe.  So I painted this painting to show you just how important our posture is to our chakra health.

Hopefully this artwork will inspire you to take stock of your posture, take deeper breaths, support your internal alignment and truly feel your powerful internal energy centers radiate out each time you look at it!


Fantastic for a yoga or meditation area or even in your closet to see as you get dressed each morning (I have mine hanging above my desk because that is where I tend to slouch the most…) you can even have this artwork custom printed on a canvas and gallery wrapped at any size, see options below!

Watermark does not appear on the professionally printed, 200+ year archival quality acid free Giclee prints!

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Stand tall my friends!!!

xoxoxox, Laura

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