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Expanding Your Intuition Class: Jan 7 - Feb 1, 2019
  • Expanding Your Intuition Class: Jan 7 - Feb 1, 2019
  • Expanding Your Intuition Class: Jan 7 - Feb 1, 2019
  • Expanding Your Intuition Class: Jan 7 - Feb 1, 2019
  • Expanding Your Intuition Class: Jan 7 - Feb 1, 2019
  • Expanding Your Intuition Class: Jan 7 - Feb 1, 2019

In almost all the work I do with patients,

helping them to expand their intuition becomes

and important part of the process.



In fact, right now I find myself helping more than HALF of my patients expand their intuition not just for the health benefits, but for transforming their current career into a new soul career )one that uses their soul strengths for their higher purpose) AND for helping to show empaths how to use their intuitive gifts to *enhance their energy flow* instead of being drained by it!

Nothing feels better that supporting my patients as they expand their intuitive possibilities!!!

A 4 week long class, I personally share with you exactly how I dropped out of the constricting conventional world around me and opened up to a whole new level of divine inspiration -- intuitive guidance!

  • Have you ever wanted to receive, honor, and actively ACT upon your own intuitions?

  • Have you ever wanted to use intuition in your own health care?

  • Have you ever wanted to use intuition to make your daily life go more smoothly?

  • Have you ever wanted to expand the soul gifts you were born with?

  • Have you ever wanted to feel more empowered by your intuitive, empathic gifts... instead of drained by them?


I want that for you too!!!

So, I lead a private class to help you do just that.


Together we are going to:

  • spend a full week preparing and clearing your body to use as an intuitive vessel...

  • and another entire week opening your body up to receiving intuitive information...

  • and another week **feeling*** what our unique intuitive strengths are


(I'll help you figure out exactly what YOUR intuitive strong points are!!!  YES -- you DO have them!!!)...


  • and yet another week together putting intuitive guidance into DAILY USE!!!


This class is a *must* for all empaths who find their energy affected or drained by others. 

I'll teach you how to become more resilient and strong by tapping into your intuitive gifts, instead of buffering yourself from others or playing small.



 Each week the topic will build on the last week's foundation and include both personal sharings from my own journey as well as examples of the intuitive work I've done helping patients open and expand their own information gathering.


  • fun exercises to jump-start and expand your skills

  • uplifting email articles on key topics

  • self assessment quizzes

  • live weekly Q&A phone calls

  • add on an optional one-on-one private 45 min phone consultation directly with me (for *local* participants in USA) or email consultations throughout the course (available for alI participants, even international participants!) so that I can give you my undivided attention and support for any questions that have come up along the way!!!


I just can't wait to begin!


I'll be keeping the course to a maximum of 50 participants... if you want to work with me to expand your intuition... sign up now and I will reserve your spot for you today!


Enhance your class experience by adding on Inspirational Healing Tools such as journals, prayer flags, intuitive card decks and more at very special, dramatically reduced prices on these healing tools so that you can use them alongside the class for deeper intuitive focus and growth! 

See photos for additional product options and select your favorites at checkout!

xoxox, Laura



Expanding Intuition Class feedback:


"As powerful as the information you share is, I can't help but feel it is your energy and the way you include sincere expressions of yourself that provides a deeper level of healing.  It's as though you offer a clear, clean, unencumbered invitation, a calling forth to wellness, an invitation to my Truest Self to get onboard.  I believe love is its own vibratory frequency and you ride that frequency.  Love knows Love.  From you I feel an unpressured invitation from Love to Love."

- J.W.

"Thank you for this. And thank you for all you do. You are truly very gifted and you present your work in some of the most loving, positive energy I have ever experienced! And you have SO MUCH OF IT!  I am truly overwhelmed."

- K.H.


"Wow! I just finished listening to the Q&A call and I am so impressed with you and your heart and soul. First, this course is such a blessing and it's mirroring where I am at and lovingly assisting me in exploring my own curiosities, strengths and blockages. It lets me sit in those places where all the old wounds existed with curiosity instead of fear or judgement.

Next, the meditation that you guided us through...Wow!  I was in tears.  Thank you dear Laura!  Your strength and willingness to do this work has changed my life.  All is well and I feel expanded. Thank you!"

- S.H.

"The information that you share is unlike I have gotten from other teachers or sources. I am in awe of your gift!"

- P. N. 

"I have taken many classes, as I am a Medical Social Worker, a Reiki Master and an Angel Messenger, and I have never taken such a comprehensive class, that was also so supported by our twice weekly calls. 

Your combination of medical expertise and spiritual knowledge make you a very rare teacher!! I thoroughly enjoyed the class and you.

Plus I walked away with a much better understanding of how to access my intuition, than I could ever have with another teacher or by reading a book."

- C. D.

"Loving this class... I feel like I'm writing the missing instruction manual to my life..."

- S.S.

"I just read today's course email and couldn't go farther in my day until I expressed how much I love you! Your openness to sharing your own life experiences - especially your incredible, encouraging, inspiring bent for looking at what the world calls negative, tragic, limiting, and seeing instead a spiritual gold mine, blessing, opportunity, gifts... I broke into a big grin and teared up simultaneously as I read! 

I'm having the time of my life in this course and am so, so grateful for your presence and mentorship of sorts in my life. I sense blocks melting away over the next 3 weeks and beyond, not by pushing but organically as my worldview shifts."

- G.B.

"I feel I now have an ability to tap into a broader perspective of my intuition and have learned to recognize intuitive information in some areas that I previously had not. 


In my opinion, being able to work directly with you and having your soul energy connecting with ours, explaining concepts, answering questions, etc is a far greater experience than by reading through any book."

- K.H.

"As a trainer and workshop designer, I am a tough audience. But I have to tell you, this course is SO good. It is very rich; I feel like I can keep going back to it over and over again to deepen my learning. You have/are a true gift. Thank you so much!"

- S.F.

"I want to explain how much and deeply the course affected me: I began to relax into my soul.  I found myself developing a conscious awareness of how much I am loved and supported by the universe.

More and more coincidences began to occur to the point where it was undeniable - I began to understand another layer of the seen/unseen and that they are both 100% valid and real. That is a miracle and healing beyond anything I could have ever dreamed.

I am honored to know you. You bless and inspire the world with your courageously strong gift to honor and express your Soul. Thank you! I am grateful."

- S.H. 

Thank You, thank you, thank you!  How absolutely and unbelievably beautiful you are to conduct this course the way you are doing it - from your heart! 

I have rarely seen anyone love the subject they are talking about so much.  You truly have a gift! 

 - S.C.

Today I listened to your Q&A session….  I was taking notes, listening, rewinding, and praying through it all.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it. 

 - K.F.

I love what you are doing Laura .. . awesome and fulfilling.  Enjoying it very much and can feel that you care.


Much Gratitude to you for putting this teaching together and showing up so authentically.

I feel like I've known you my whole life when I listen to you.  With love...


Laura the last Q&A was the best! 

As always, I thought I had understood and covered my questions adequately, but (again) you constantly amazed me in the way you do your magic and open up so much more.  You truly do have a rare and valuable gift."


I am amazed at how profoundly the emails/journal questions/meditations are affecting me.  Your energy comes through in everything you offer us. 

Last night, I felt the peace of the meditation profoundly. Slept through the night for the first time in a month or so. Had very powerful, healing dreams.

- A.K.

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