Grounding and Shielding Tools For the Electrosensitive & EHS

Unisex Shielding Knit Hat -- warmth and shielding together
  • Unisex Shielding Knit Hat -- warmth and shielding together

You lose 80% of your body heat through your head, so if you are cold, reach for a warm knit cap.  And while you are protecting yourself from the cold, you might as well shield your precious brain and brain stem, inner ears, pineal gland and more from EMF radiation as you go about your travels.  

Reduce brain fog, headaches, dizziness and more with the double layer knit cap that shields exceptionally well, providing over 45+ dB reduction in radiation exposures, with excellent radiofrequency and microwave shielding.

  • Unisex, one-size-fits all, soft and stretchy jersey knit material
  • Double thickness, 35% Silver fiber, 40% cotton, 25% poly blend
  • Available in light grey or black
  • Washable: tested for 30 washings with no loss of shielding performance
  • Shields 40-50dB over at least 10MHz to 4GHz

Enjoy the great outdoors while knowing you are shielding from the manmade EMF frequencies that can drain you so quickly.

xoxo, Laura

PS -- looking for other ways to shield your head?  I've got you!

"My husband absolutely loves his shielding knit hat.  He has had ringing in his ears most of his working life.  He wore the hat, and his ringing is gone." - D.G.

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