Grounding & Healing Tools for the Electrosensitive

Discrete Shielding -- super cute baseball cap
  • Discrete Shielding -- super cute baseball cap

With the ever increasing wifi exposures and radiation coming at you in a car, in a plane, even when just walking around your neighborhood, it's tempting to want to wear that dreaded tin foil hat on your head!  But now you don't have to -- instead you can protect your brain from RF (radio-frequency) pollution with this awesome, velcro adjustable baseball hat.   And no one will ever know you are even EMF shielding while you wear it.  Reduce headaches, think more clearly, cut out the RF pollution reaching your brain as easily as putting on a hat!

Specially designed to shield your head from frequencies from below AM through microwave, including cellular phone frequencies. Cap is fully lined with fabric that has medical grade stainless steel fibers woven in it for excellent radiation protection.

Wear outside to instantly shield your brain (and prevent headaches!) while on the go... or wear inside, so you can be shielded while working at your desk, watching TV, protect your brain if you work around microwaves, wifi, etc...   

Cap is internally lined with material made from microfine stainless steel fibers woven in a cotton/poly blend, which provides highly effective shielding capabilities of 30 - 40 dB attenuation of radiation frequencies all the way up to an exceptionally impressive 40 GHz  -- WOW!!! -- which includes protection from cell phones, cell phone towers, microwaves, TV radiation, WiFi, radar, etc...

This cap has a truly comfortable, natural feel, is durable and machine washable thanks to superior stainless steel conductive fibers (no easily eroded silver!) and has exceptional reflective characteristics.

Research links RF radiation with behavioral and cellular disturbances (read my blog post reviewing the largest cell phone study to date right here!). Most people can actually feel an immediate difference in the level of "brain irritation" from RF radiation.

Provide your brain a quiet place without interference to your mental processes from RF radiation.


  • Baseball cap hand sewn with a soft, stainless steel blended shielding inner liner
  • Velcro strap adjusts from 50 cm to 63 cm (19.75" to 25") circumference
  • Made in USA
  • available in Tan or Black


If you want your brain to be protected while you are talking on a cell phone, you want to use this unique cell phone cover that allows you to hold your phone up to your body, fully functional, and still be shielded!   Click over here to add this item to your order.

And if you work near computers, cell towers, microwaves or other sources of radiation and want to protect all of your internal organs as well as your brain, add on a grounding + shielding 2-in-1 apron with your hat, at a special reduced price!

Lastly, if you want to specifically shield your thyroid (at typically hard to shield area if you want to look even remotely stylish!) add on my thyroid shielding neck scarf as well!  

xoxox, Laura

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