Grounding & Healing Tools for the Electrosensitive

Conductive Socks: Athletic Crew Grounding Sock
  • Conductive Socks: Athletic Crew Grounding Sock
  • Conductive Socks: Athletic Crew Grounding Sock
  • Conductive Socks: Athletic Crew Grounding Sock
  • Conductive Socks: Athletic Crew Grounding Sock

Want to wear grounding athletic socks with your grounding shoe strap on your shoe, to cushion your feet without blocking the ground connection?  Want to keep thick warm socks on while you sleep grounded at night, without blocking grounding from your grounding tool in bed? 

You absolutely can with these conductive socks -- the instant they touch a grounded surface, the entire sock becomes powerfully grounded and encases your feet in a cocoon of grounding energy.  These socks are conductive and will allow that powerful grounding to go right through!!!

The sock instantly becomes grounded and grounds your entire body when:

  • standing on a grounded surface like the earth outside (yes!  You can keep your feet all warm inside your socks and still touch the earth... the entire sock is conductive and will transmit the earth's healing energy right on through!  Or you can use a grounding shoe strap and even keep your shoes and socks on while grounding!)
  • sleeping with a grounding tool such as a grounded mattress panel (yes, with these socks you can slip them on to keep your feet warm and still sleep right on top of your grounding mattress panel with no interference -- in fact, the socks will help insure your are grounded by encasing your entire foot in a grounding fabric!)
  • or when used with grounding footware such as slip on shoe grounders or leather moccasins that all allow grounding straight through the sole of the shoe.

This way, you can have the warmth and comfort of keeping socks on but won't block the grounding flow of healing from your grounded surface.  

Silverell Footcare socks, made from a combination of durable fibers and Silvertex® yarn, provide superior, cushioned comfort.  Designed for maximum anti-microbial action by using silver fibers that encourage blood circulation, defend against bacteria and fungi, balance heat throughout the foot, and remove excess moisture.

Machine washable, these conductive athletic socks are made from 88% cotton, 10% Silverell silver-plated nylon yarn, and 2% Lycra™ fiber, that provide superior comfort to protect feet.  Ankle length, light grey color.  One size fits most feet: women's US sizes 7 - 13 and men's US sizes 6 - 12

Care:  Machine wash cool water, mild detergent, no bleach, no fabric softeners.  Air dry or tumble dry on low.  To extend sock life, hand wash and air dry.

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Stay grounded while cushioning your feet in high quality, conductive grounding athletic socks!  xoxox, Laura

 **Please note: medical/health care items, such as these conductive athletic socks, are not returnable** 

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