Grounding & Healing Tools for the Electrosensitive

FREE Grounding Idea eBook
  • FREE Grounding Idea eBook

Here is a radical idea... let's actually ENJOY the act of healing!


Can you imagine a therapy that can soothe and support every single organ in your body? 

Can you imagine something that has been proven to boost your metabolism, stabilize your blood sugar, promote better sleep and make you feel comforted like nothing else can? 

What if that very thing was the single best thing you could do to protect your future health and was anti-aging and anti-inflammatory too?


There is such a thing and it is waiting for your right now -- it is connecting with the earth, otherwise known as "Grounding."


Physically touching the earth directly (no shoes in the way!) has been clinically proven through blood tests, imaging studies, sleep tests and research to be an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory agent, providing head-to-toe healing inside and out.

I was featured in the films The Grounded and Heal For Free, and Down To Earth... healing documentaries about the power of Mother Earth to heal your physical body... and I loved my adventure with being in these films!!! 

But you don' t have to watch any of these movies to benefit, because I give you the inside scoop in this eBook.  


It is clear we were meant to live in concert with Mother Earth, but that our society has become disconnected to her at grave costs. 


You don't need to give up your electronics, your comfortable home, or your lifestyle in order to re-connect.  All you need to do is make the effort to spend ten minutes directly connecting to her surface in order to neutralize the inflammatory effects of free radical damage throughout your body.

  • Don't know what to do? 

  • Need ideas on how? 

  • Want to know more about it? 

I wrote this FREE Grounding Idea Book just for you. 

10 minutes a day x 10 days = head-to-toe healing you can ENJOY!

Tell your friends and loved ones about this free guidebook and let's enjoy our healing!

Want to go deeper?  

My newest book The Earth Prescription, dives deeply into exactly why grounding works, and give you thousands of ideas on how to get grounded no matter where you live, what the weather, and what your health challenges are.  

Order your signed copy to be shipped directly to you while you get started on the free ebook by choosing the eBook + Paperback book option from the drop down menu below.

xoxo, Laura

Dr. Laura Koniver, M.D.




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