Grounding & Healing Tools for the Electrosensitive

Silver Gel: Antimicrobial & EMF Shielding Topical Gel
  • Silver Gel: Antimicrobial & EMF Shielding Topical Gel
  • Silver Gel: Antimicrobial & EMF Shielding Topical Gel
  • Silver Gel: Antimicrobial & EMF Shielding Topical Gel
  • Silver Gel: Antimicrobial & EMF Shielding Topical Gel

If you want to be absolutely sure you have maximum grounding potential, you want to be using this topical gel.  It can absolutely make an immediate difference -- with this gel on, the slightest contact with your grounding tool or the earth makes you instantly & powerfully grounded. 

If you've ever tested your grounding tools and they are grounded, but when you test yourself you are not grounded, it's because your body is not hydrated enough and lacks enough minerals to encourage conductivity.  

This gel fixes both -- moisturizes your skin and provides advanced cellular silver & trace minerals to boost your body's grounding potential exponentially!

I highly recommend moisturizing your wrist with this grounding gel just prior to putting your grounding wristband on your wrist, and moisturizing your feet with this grounding gel just prior to getting into bed and laying with your feet on a grounding mattress panel or sheet!  

As an added bonus, on top of enhancing the natural conductivity of your skin, this gel accelerates dermal healing and regenerates damaged cells.  Antimicrobial silver makes this gel an exceptional wound dressing to keep abrasions clean and disinfected.  Awesome for use as a hand sanitizer on the go that will never ever ever dry out your skin.

Far beyond colloidal silver in performance, ACS 200 Extra Strength provides 200 parts per million of uniquely energized silver molecules, which are suspended in “wetter water”; a proprietary micronutrient transport medium that is 43% lower in surface tension.

On top of it's traditional use as a skin and wound disinfectant and emollient  I recommend it highly for it's conductive properties in taking your healing grounding practice to the next level.  And your hands, arms, feet, etc... will never look better than they do after using this gel routinely. 

In addition to it's grounding properties, silver is also an incredible shield against environmental EMF exposures.  Our preliminary studies show that the silver particles in the gel form a shield on the skin that decreases the user's exposure to EMFs roughly in half. 

Directions for use:  Apply liberally to the skin to promote healing, increase skin conductivity, decrease EMF radiation exposures and encourage superior skin health.  Do not rinse off.  Apply twice daily for healthy, beautiful skin.

Ingredients:  Ultra Pure Deionized Water, Advanced Cellular Silver 200 PPM, Advanced Cellular Glutathione, Natural Minerals, Carbomer.   

Available in 2 oz and 8 oz tubes

Enjoy!  xoxoxo, Laura

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