Grounding & Healing Tools for the Electrosensitive

Grounding Tracker Kit -- Instantly Download & Print
  • Grounding Tracker Kit -- Instantly Download & Print
  • Grounding Tracker Kit -- Instantly Download & Print
  • Grounding Tracker Kit -- Instantly Download & Print
  • Grounding Tracker Kit -- Instantly Download & Print
  • Grounding Tracker Kit -- Instantly Download & Print
  • Grounding Tracker Kit -- Instantly Download & Print

I highly encourage everyone I work with to spend a minute each day tracking their grounding progress.  Grounding can be instantly relieving and immediately boost your mood and health, but it can also make some really incredible, measurable changes over time... helping shift chronic issues like insomnia, chronic pain, boosting weight loss, boosting metabolism, increasing energy levels, increasing creativity, and much much more. 

These positive changes can impact every aspect of your life, from your career path to your fertility, and are best revealed after several months of grounding.  But if you don't assess where you are at baseline, some of these more long term enhancements to your life can go unnoticed over time.

So for the first time ever, I am releasing the grounding tracker I have developed for professional use to the public -- and it's full of amazing resources you can print out instantly to begin an amazing grounding practice right from the start, and you can print out as many copies forevermore to keep your grounding practice going strong.

As I always tell my patients, you absolutely can feel better than you do right now... give grounding a season to transform your life. 


This kit includes three digital downloads: 

1. Grounding Tracker:  

This Grounding Tracker kit is 8 pages that include:

  • a welcome letter
  • a 2 page baseline assessment
  • 3 months worth of daily grounding calendars to track daily patterns
  • and a follow up 2 page end-of-season reassessment.  

This one download allows you to set a 3 month period to evaluate just what grounding is doing for you in your life, and to witness the transformation for yourself.  Give grounding one season and you will see!

2.  Grounding Assessment Sheet:

I've also included a quick start cheat sheet -- it's a simple one page print out that has a quick baseline assessment, a one month follow up assessment, and a 3 month follow up assessment all on one sheet.  Perfect if you want to get a snapshot of what grounding is doing for you over the course of three months, without filling out a daily calendar.

3.  Grounding Monthly Calendar:

I've also included the daily grounding calendar as a separate file, so that you can print out as many copies as you want to continue your grounding practice indefinitely.  Want to track your grounding progress for a year?  Just print out 12 copies of this page and you have an instant annual health plan in front of you. 

Seeing and feeling the benefits of grounding over time will help motivate you to make this a part of your daily wellness practice for the rest of your life!  

Don't want to print these forms out?  Hop over here to find more awesome grounding trackers, including:

To your incredible, resilient health!  

xoxox, Laura

*** Please note:  this download is for private individual use only.  Please do not reproduce these pages to re-sell or distribute in any way.  For PDF files to print out and use at conferences, meetings, events, or for use in your private medical or health care practice, please email me to sign a permission-to-use, copyright and liability release waiver at***

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