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Trauma Recovery & Resilience Online Class: July 8 - 19, 2024
  • Trauma Recovery & Resilience Online Class: July 8 - 19, 2024
  • Trauma Recovery & Resilience Online Class: July 8 - 19, 2024
  • Trauma Recovery & Resilience Online Class: July 8 - 19, 2024

Everyone experiences trauma... but what makes some people recover?  

What allows some folks to not only survive, but actually thrive despite deeply traumatic events and circumstances?

How do you get over something that is unforgivable, unfair, or life altering?

When trying to forget it, trying to forgive it, and trying to move on don't work, the only thing left is to process and move through.

Stop ignoring that which is asking to be healed.

The more we try to muscle through and endure trauma, the more havoc it wrecks on our body... because on a cellular level, stress absolutely changes our energy, our health, our epigenetic and even our immune system.

Let's move through trauma in order to gain some perspective and recover a sense of resiliency.

I want to invite you to this very special, very personal, deeply healing two week class where we will dive deep into the science, medicine and energy behind healing, resilience, recovery and health.

Class runs Nov 6 - 17, 2023.  Get prepared before stress provoking gatherings over the holidays by showing up as a balanced, healed, upleveled you.

It's two weeks of daily uplifting healing videos, medical studies that show us how we can recover more easily and optimize our health along the way, healing activities, exercises and more. 

You can also add on private emails where you can ask me anything you would like to know about how to recover new footing after trauma, for the entire length of the class...

...and you can add on a healing goodie bag, full of awesome tools that you can use throughout the course to go deeper with your healing.   

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So let's connect.  

Even old, very old, deeply wounding traumas can be released.  

You absolutely can feel better than you do right now, and recover a fresh start.

Turning old traumas into meaningful stepping stones is what this healing journey is all about.  And the medical literature reveals this truth: you can actually be healthier after trauma than you would have been without experiencing any trauma at all!

And I'm here to help you do exactly that.  

I would estimate devoting about one hour a day to the class... you can break this up into two 30 minute sessions, for example, watch the 30 minute video every morning (or whenever you like!) and another 30 minutes that evening to work on your healing exercise for that day.

Moving onwards and upwards right along with you...

xoxoxo, Laura


"I absolutely LOVE this class... you pack so much info into each sentence you say. It truly is a lifeline for anyone who has been through trauma. I can't even begin to speak what you so eloquently put into words, and every time you say anything I find myself going 'Oh my Lord, she absolutely KNOWS everything about this!!' I cannot even say how grateful I am for you putting this course together!"

- S.B.

"The class is phenomenal!! Your work has always been very informative and helpful, but you've outdone yourself in this class--probably because this is deeply personal for you and your teaching comes so much from the heart." 

- D.A.

 "I watched Day 1 video on Day 1 and was blown away!  I felt like I was experiencing a huge convergence of why I am the way I am, glimmers of universal truth, the physical, emotional, spiritual aspects of my being, the “good, bad and the ugly” all came together at some level, and it all felt OK!  Your explanations and analogies of how trauma affects all aspects of our being made so much sense to me. The perspective you’ve provided on how trauma affects us has given me such a relief! Thank you for your gift of distilling medical and intuitive information and sharing it!"

- I.P. 

"God Bless You, Dr. Laura!  You are the most genuine & caring teacher I know!!!  I had no earthly idea I would be so comforted by this information.  I am astonished that the material in the class covered both emotional trauma & physical trauma!  Double blessings for me in such loving therapeutic way!"

- A.K.

I just finished listening to your Q&A on this final day of class.  As I looked into your eyes when you were finishing your comments, I could FEEL your authenticity, your love for those who need help with trauma recovery.  Your genuine desire to help others is palatable.  It brought tears. 

I signed up for the class, hoping it might help a little.  I was absolutely amazed by how much just the first day helped me!!  Before this class, I wasn't sure I wanted to continue with this life ... but you've shown me that even this traumatic event is a part of my journey.  

This course has been life-changing already, and I've only begun the work.  

Thank you isn't enough ..."

- T. M.

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