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Goddess Delivers, Giclee Print
  • Goddess Delivers, Giclee Print
  • Goddess Delivers, Giclee Print
  • Goddess Delivers, Giclee Print
  • Goddess Delivers, Giclee Print

     Birth is such a beautiful, natural, spiritual and eternal process that it naturally flows into my Goddess series of paintings. I chose lovely indigo and violet hues for this artwork to reflect the sacred spiritual aspect of giving birth as well as to honor the woman's own divine intuition.

     As she feels her body begin to ready for birth, she allows the waves of her contractions to lift her higher and higher in grace. Grounding to the earth, she steadies herself physically by rooting her feet into the edge of the massive ocean, feeling her connection to the earth spiral and swirl, mixing into each oncoming series of waves.

     Turning her gaze upwards, she connects with the joy of the souls, loved ones who gather in celebration all around her, as she feels the soul of her child coming into it's own with love, happiness, and eager anticipation of life.

     Riding the crescendo of contractions that come to her aid and help her deliver her child, she raises her arms in welcome of the surrender she is experiencing and the rhythm of this precious event.

     Here is to all the light workers, birth workers, doulas, midwives, woman and children who experience the divine in childbirth every day!

     The professional Giclee printing process uses 200+ year archival quality inks printed on gorgeous, Velvet Smooth Heavy Weight paper or canvas.  The canvas prints are gallery wrapped and ready to hang... please allow two weeks for your Giclee canvas or paper print to be custom created and ready to ship directly to you.

     The original has sold.  The watermark does not appear on the print.



xoxoxo, Laura

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