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Never Alone Original Canvas
  • Never Alone Original Canvas
  • Never Alone Original Canvas
  • Never Alone Original Canvas

My daughter calls this one "I'll Catch You" and she's right.  If we leap, the net appears.  And that's because we are never alone, no matter what it looks or feels like as you go up to the edge of the mountain.

Do you feel like you are walking alone? 

Are you afraid to take the next big step? 

Is there a big change coming and you are hesitant to leap? 

Jump! Jump! Jump!  You are never alone, you are surrounded by love

You are walking with an invisible safety net on... can you feel that?

Walk up to the edge, take a good look around, enjoy that feeling of your feet firmly on the ground, the wind in your face, and go further! 

Your next step will appear. The view will be ever more magnificent. You can't be alone and you can't be shut off from the Source no matter what you do or don't do, it just is. Have faith, my friends.

This artwork would make a beautiful gift to someone at a time of transition -- graduation, new job, big move, relationship change, etc... or bring it into your own home for a comforting reminder that we are never never never separate or alone. 

The original canvas has SOLD... will be painting a similar canvas this spring 2014 so please check back for it's release or email me at for a status on it!

xoxo, Laura

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